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UFOs Northwest — UFO Sightings Updates

UFOs Northwest

Special Correspondent
Staff member
I will be discussing the following UFO cases (links to reports included) for the "After the Paracast" show recorded 9/13/2019:

Waco, Texas - October 4, 1973
3 Beings Seen Inside Black Triangular Object With Green Hue Inside.

Benton County, Missouri - July 13, 2019
Unknown White Object Moves Across Sky. (See Still Image Extracted From Video Below.)

Sherman Oaks, California - September 1, 2019
Bright Object Surrounded by Several White Smaller Objects. (See Still Image Extracted From Video Below.)

Below is a Link to a Fully Functional Google Map With 219 UFO Reports Posted Through Sep, 12, 2019. Users can pan, zoom, click on saucer icons to get full reports. Reports are focused on the U.S., but posted throughout the world.

Click Here for 2019 UFO Sighting Map.

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
... As mentioned before during a shooting trip with a couple of mates we came across a flattened area of large circle in the middle was a squashed emu on a raised bed. The whole area was burnt top of the trees to the floor where the sand had turned to black crystal . All around the outside was big cat footprints not fours rather two's. No sounds of animals were around this area until we left and only a large number of crows .
Wow, how did I miss that before. That must have been rather spooky. Where was this again?

UFOs Northwest

Special Correspondent
Staff member
I will be discussing the following 4 UFO cases on the Paracast show recorded 10/4/2019:

Mt Zion National Park, Utah - Sep 7, 2019
Huge Flat & Oval Blue Light Disappears in the Middle of the Sky.

St. Charles, Missouri - Jul 4, 2019
Red-Orange Spherical Object in Sky Suddenly Darts Off.

Dunnegan, Missouri - Oct 2, 2019
3 Star-Like Objects Move Together in Parallel Patterns & Then Break Away in Different Patterns.

Southern Chili - Week of Sep 22 - 29, 2019
UFO Starts Several Fires in Southern Chile.

UFOs Northwest

Special Correspondent
Staff member