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Strange Glyph


Paranormal Maven
As far as the other pattern on your arm I agree most doctors would really just look at you and try to say something that sounded like they knew what they were talking about.

It's on my left side...but yeah I can just imagine how that would go.
"Hey, Doc. I think beings from another reality put some freckles on me. Could you take a look at'em and tell me what you think."
I'm sure he has a special pill for those types.


Paranormal Maven
When did that happen and that must have hurt. Another reason why the US needs a better medical system.

It was years ago. I recovered quickly and fully...appreciate your concern. If you think think the medical system is screwy, you should come have a sampling of Texas law enforcement. I got the living shit kicked out of me, by three big guys, on Surfside Beach. I was blind in one eye for about 3 months. I reported it to the police. Not only was it not investigated, the MOTHERF&^%#&ERS laughed at me!