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Simone Mendez & USAF & UFOs


Neophyte Paranormålé
... as someone who's first graphics job was working at Penthouse in the UK... [ first day at work, and I quote " please go through that cupboard and pick out a few nice photos " ].

I downloaded the two hours and they're both blank files? Evidence of the Trickster going on with the Simone show? I will not falter or fear the reaper, I shall re-download.

Don and Dwight for President and Chairman of the Fed.


Skilled Investigator
< Addendum againdum.

Don: In that message center of mine, our work pertained to the KH11s. Guess what I found on the worldwideweb? One was launched only a matter of weeks before my co-worker Airman showed me the ufo paper. .....Coincidence?..........
At this link. http://www.astronautix.com/craft/kh11.htm Then scroll down until you see 'September 1981....' And notice that it pertains to (also) 'communications'.....


Staff member
< Addendum). I listened closely to myself railing against ufological reaction to myself back then. Somewhat recently, a sibling and I were discussing that particular past frustration of mine, synchronistically.
She Is-Not-Has-Not-Been into ufos. From this particular and valluable objective perspective, she said "You got to understand, people are afraid of that kind of thing. They are afraid that they will be the next one to get in trouble with the government, too." This makes a lot of sense to me.
In retrospect, I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WAS EXPECTING, AND WHAT I WANTED from all those ufologists I railed upon.

Simone, as I think I told you back then, don't sweat the small stuff. The heat you took then could have been simply the fact that many were jealous of your story, circumstances or whatever. The problem with most UFO research is that people forget the research and begin to enjoy their 15 minutes in the Sun... It is no longer what is going on here but how do I become a "star", do you know what I mean? The hard core research gets lost in the dust because so many people forget about the search but instead become advocates for their particular cause. The sad part is I never really see it changing any time soon.



Paranormal Adept

Simone Mendez

Back in the very early 1980s, Simone Mendez, looking for adventure and feeling a patriotic call enlisted in the USAF. Later in communications she was stationed at Nellis AF Base and through no fault of hers, was exposed to a document (a Telix) allegedly from NORAD that discussed tracking UFOs coming in from deep space and flying over Moscow, USSR. Later, after finding out about this, AFOSI called in the FBI, then called in Simone and threatened her with being charged with espionage working for the Soviets. A real and chilling story that you owe yourself to hear. This show took place June 20, 1993 on UFOs Tonite. Sit back and discover how the big boys play the game.


Simone Mendez Opening

Hour 01

Hour 02

This episode is playing now on cyberstation....a best of! Great show, makes me miss DMR!