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Santa Fe man aims to solve mystery of cattle mutilations

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No helicopter we looked for skid marks there real easy to spot in snow
The helicopters don't always land to do this. Often the cow is lifted from another different location, taken to another nearby location for dissection, then returned by AIR DROP to another totally different location to leave NO TRACE behind. (This is one known way to do it.)

The MIB is the total giveaway in your case to be Top Secret for some Human purpose possibly related to exotic weapons. I think you experienced an amazing mind blowing event. Freaky!
Can you recall how the cow appeared and "death posed" on the ground? Was its imprint in the snow-ground perfect? The snow footprint matched the body exactly, so no signs of movement, no hoofs prints, dragging, falling/sliding on incline, etc. ???

Any photos taken?
Ya kind of on there sides flat ground none 8 inch 36 hours before the pond was froze enuf to skate on but not enuf for trucks to cross we broke trough crossing the creek and the fossil cliffs are half a mile from there so that areas real flat. After u get passed the dam
I'm in an area were the limestone cliffs give way to flat then rolling hills creeks going into rivers most areas are easy to get into but this area has rock pushed in from the last ice age
I hope your dad will fill-in more details, especially, anything about the MIB. Did your dad meet any of the MIB?

Btw, as I said, I think it is highly significant there were MIB. I hope Chris will comment about this significance too, because that is a very rare event to have occurred that I'm aware of. It is extremely important because of the same type of patterned mute cuts that occurred many times elsewhere. It could be a/the missing link to help solve these similar, almost identical, cases.
I agree about MIB directly related to a cattle mute case... this is the one with this connection I have never heard of...I can ask Izzy, but I don't think he's ever heard of this before either.
Like I said I never I never saw mib an I herd of other cattle in this area at that time on 24 but back east by Stockton. And in to Colorado
This was not a unique case I think there were more 79 to 85 all the way from Stockton to Colorado an south and the MIB if that who they were is not even imported to me what drive me nuts is the how of it. How do u kill a cow in the dead of night no blood no tracks an make scalpel clean cuts I don't like not knowing how. As far as I'm concerned MIB are little more than military intelligence or branch there of or friends of there's from out of town if u would.
I have talk about this topic with other people but never this incident i would have like not to have now but this group seem to have the knowledge to give me some real help
Don't say anything about this on the para cast I have enuf trouble whit people thing I'm weird Bible Belt you know all ufos are daemons and the earths 5000 year old. This stuf has not made thing fun and looking for truth is not a popular pastime here.

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