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On the Show — Christopher Harmon

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I wanted to update you on my most recent experiences with Harmon:

After thinking about it, I am less impressed with his psychic reading. The item about a grandfather is generic enough to be guesswork, as was the statement that I had a luxury car in the 1980s. Remember that leases for more expensive vehicles were cheap, often cheaper than mainstream vehicles because of their high resale values. So acquiring a BMW or Mercedes-Benz (or a Cadillac for that matter) could actually be a cost-saver. Well, except for maintenance of course.

As to the thin mustache, well that's no secret, and there are likely photos of my younger self online that would depict what I looked like then (those were the days). If Harmon did a little searching he'd realize this.

Then there is the promise of remote psychic healing:

I referred to my chronic low-back pain during the show, and my wife's ongoing vision and other health issues. Over the next few weeks, he promised to do his prayer/meditation sessions, and confirmed the final one on October 27th. He said we'd see results in "a few days."

Well, a few days came and went, and still nothing. I have yet to have a response from him about my concerns.
Hi Gene this is Christopher Harmon
My sincere apologies for not being able to heal your back pain . Not all healings I do Are Guaranteed every time however i would be happy to have sone of my patience if you want to call them that Explain how I was able to help them and they are eternally grateful for my work
But not all healings are 100 percent guaranteed . I do guarantee every person I will work several rounds of healings and they should feel results within a few days and most people do indeed feel and receive results and they message me back thanking me however if some people don’t feel any different from my healings I will and can always do more rounds of healing and invite other healers I work with to join and expand the healing energy field . Not every healing is guaranteed I work from the heart . And I have trained and taught and certified many students on the field of Remote Viewing and I have filmed and documented their results on test and exams.
I guarantee my RV skills are Real but I cannot guarantee I can heal every single person who has a health problem I do guarantee I will perform several rounds of healing but if they do not see results after several weeks then I do apologize to them and I completely apologize to you and your wife I have had several people with complete healings from me and I will continue my path of helping and healing others but unfortunately not everyone benefits and I can not explain why . I have asked for healing for my death left ear and even professionals in the field could not heal me and yet they guarantee their work . I work out of the heart and with my guides E.T friends in all my RV work I never charge and will not. if I CANT HEAL EVERY PERSON EVERY SINGLE TIME I apologize but something’s are just meant to be beyond our control including mine . I have helped many people with amazing results including just recently I helped someone who if I could give the name but can’t do to confidentiality purposes you would be shocked . My work is important to me and I will continue this path if helping others .
I made a promise to heal and help all I can and I will continue doing so. I’m not a miracle worker just a guy who works with E.T and spirit guides to help others .

I apologize if you didn’t benefit from my healing .
Sounds like your extraterrestrial and spirit guides aren't very consistent in their help.

I still hope we'll have a psychic on the show that demonstrates positive, conclusive results some day.
It’s looking as though Dr. Harmon the surgical psychic in needing to brush up on his A game may consider enlisting E.T.’s assistance, as picturing those less fortunate without any type of health insurance lined up endlessly throughout his virtual corridors.