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I discovered The UFO Technology & Revealing Its Secret

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I Discovered The UFO Technology
Want to inform that I discovered the UFO, flying saucer, or anti-gravity technology & ready to reveal it to the world. I understand that this might be hard to believe but I assure you that my evidence is based on physical, & scientific evidence. I have been working on this science for over ten years and I am now ready to go public with it. I managed to make this amazing discovery because I research gravity. Understanding the energy of gravity is important towards its discovery because the spaceship also needs it (simulated gravity) in order to resist planetary gravity. It turns out that gravity could only repel against another gravity. This would be similar to when two positive magnets are placed face to face, the same repelling would be similar to how both (spaceship & planetary) gravity energies react with each other. In fact, this important gravity information is the main reason of why this technology has been so difficult to uncover because the secret to the anti-gravity technology is not in aviation, but in the science of complicated gravity. The truth is finally here. For those that need more information; google Professor Gravity ™, Gravitiology ™, or click here.


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Skilled Investigator
forcrissakes.....this fan powered hovercraft crap looks like it was made by my drunken brother after a tequila bender. seriously...wtf...

You could at least attempt to photoshop it or something


One and None
Well, it was gracious of you not to mention that you're selling something right away in your post. If the free online MIT lectures regarding many scientific topics, including gravity were more widely known I don't think there would be a market at all for you buddy.


Skilled Investigator
oh I know where those can be bought! there is a corner in Hollywood, and they have the maps to ALL the stars! about 10 bucks each? more if you take the tour, but with the cost of travel out in space these days, it might be worth the 20 bucks?


Paranormal Adept
Geez...no videos of your anti-grav craft actually defying/exploiting gravity? No grav meters showing how much gravity was changed/affected?

I feel cheated. I want my 5 minutes back!


anonymous anomalous
These "UFOs" suck so bad that even Billy Meier rejected them.

"UFO" = Unimaginative Foil Objects


hey I built hovercraft like that when I was about 10... and a "flying saucer" made from aluminum tubing and canvas.... maybe I should sell plans!

David Biedny

Paranormal Adept
Oh for chrissakes...

OP, you need to move out of Mom's basement, her cooking is destroying your mind. She's using Drano as a gravy base, dude, spit that shit out. Oy.



Nothin' to see here
OP: I had a look at your website. I really hope for your sake that you're insane. Because that site looks like it would have taken quite a while just to write all the nonsense and make "educational" youtube videos. Also the "experimental spaceships".

But if you're not insane, then I can only assume you are trying to con equally stupid people out of $14.95 for a "book on CD" (collection of copy/paste PDF files of the website material Im sure). And that would be an unbelievably fucked up thing to do.


King of Mars
i've ordered the lot.... all i need now, is a map of the stars! :confused:

That's no problem at all!
PM me and I'll send you my PayPall details so we can start transferring all your funds to my Bermuda account ($$$). If you order one now you will also get a set of stainless steel cooking pots for only 19.99 $ :D Hurry while offer last!


Temporal Transhuman
I wondered where all my aluminum foil went for my hats, thievin' bastich!

I'm entitled to half that $14.95!

Where's my lawyer's blackberry number...?


Skilled Investigator
The first thing I would ever do if I had discovered some unprecedented technology is to post a thread on the Paracast.
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