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Gulf Breeze and Other Questions for Dr. Bruce Maccabee

Gene Steinberg

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Staff member
Well we got some of the questions answered. But Maccabee gives long answers, and we had lots of ground to cover. He also opened the door to yet another episode.


Skilled Investigator
I would like to ask Dr. Mccabee what his thoughts are on what may be the cause of these flaps in certain areas, has anything ever been found by him or told to him as to why these craft are visiting a certain area for such a length of time. Is it only a certain type of craft observed during the flap, or all different shapes and sizes??


Paranormally Disenchanted
I found the location of the area marked "alien base" on Paul B's sketch. You can clearly see that something was removed from that location. Other landmarks in Paul B's sketch are also visible. I shared this and other landmarks I found with various "researchers" and the only one to acknowledge it was Norio H. Go figure.



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