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February 14, 2016 — Whitley Strieber

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
So what's the scoop? Did your friendly Paracast hosts put Strieber on the defensive? Was this just a discussion about the issues on the table — or was it a case of expectations that may or may not have been met?

To be sure, this was an unusual episode of The Paracast, and we wonder if your opinions about how it turned out mirror ours.

We have more to say on the week's After The Paracast premium podcast, an exclusive feature of The Paracast+ at: Introducing The Paracast+ | The Paracast — The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio.

William Strathmann

Paranormal Adept
I've just listened to the show and ATP. I appreciate this show because it helps me get a grasp of the kind of person Mr. Strieber is. I agree with you Gene, that Strieber is convinced that he underwent events that are in some way objective during his "communion" experiences with the "visitors." But I am surprised that Strieber is now effectively taking orders from the visitors: he said he wrote this latest book with no expectation of sales, but only to present the message of the visitors to the select readers who would read it, and that perhaps that would provide the necessary conditions for the visitors to make a bigger, more obvious splash in this world. IMHO Mr. Strieber is too confident for his own good, saying that he still doesn't know who or what the visitors are, but sure of their message for the advancement of humanity. How can he be sure? I think Chris' ATP observation that Strieber did not say anything much of substance is fair, yet I think Strieber is convinced he is helping to reveal secrets of the holy of holies. Thanks Chris, btw, for presenting my questions, though I still have no idea why he thinks the Greys are profoundly submitted to God. And also I appreciated the question about Gurdjief and Strieber's own attempt at transformation. These things clarify, to me anyway, where the guy is coming from.


Skilled Investigator
Hi everyone, I'm listening to the after show with Chris and Gene re: Whitley S.

Chris, I'm like you in that I've no idea what happened in Whitley and Anne's life. But he fascinates me; I feel something like respect for Whitley. I mean you said it Chris; the man generated a meme that encircled the world. He is a good writer and I think he has brought new and original thinking into the "visitor saga". I've especially been fascinated with his and Anne's realization that dead people are intimately connected with peoples experiences. Don't know what it means, but I see it as one of Greg Bishop's ideas of looking for clues in the high strange data.


Skilled Investigator
Neil, exactly. And this will sound scandalous, but let's just pretend that in the near future Whitley admits that has all just been a decades long "art project". Well, I would still find his body of work to be genius. I personally believe, after having followed his story for so many years, that Whitley did experience an interaction with some type of numinous entities. And again, I have to disagree just a bit with Chris because I do think Strieber has brought fascinating ideas to the table. I don't know, I appreciate the guy. I try to read and understand the Jason Hoursley (s.p.) material, but I'm nowhere near as smart as that guy.


Paranormal Adept
'Before Supernatural there was nothing there , there was no place to go to for the intellectual and scientific communities .They didn't have anything to focus on.The book provides that focus.'
The Flat Earth Society is more believable then this sf writer.


Paranormal Maven
Thanks, as always, for asking one of my questions.

I found this episode rather tinged with sadness. For all the talk of the visitors enabling humanity or parallels drawn with more traditional religious experiences, it's been decades since Whitley's seminal experiences began and as of today he has no real answers, he's, understandably, grieving his wife, he says he can no longer get his books published and strangers at UFO conferences spit at his car.

Wherever his experiences have taken him to, it doesn't sound like a wholly enjoyable place. Though perhaps I'm just reading too much into his anecdotes. But if I was looking for someone to personify the Icarus like descent of ufology today, perhaps I wouldn't feel the need to look much further.


Skilled Investigator
Finished the show. I think it, for me, was one of the most fascinating, somewhat sad somewhat scary Paracasts I've ever heard....and I've been following Gene for the entire decade +.


Skilled Investigator
Wow,just heard Whitley say, paraphrasing,'that as we careen into total environmental collapse, there will be greater manifestations of "tricksterish, supernatural, perceptual openings, attention grabbing paranormal" theater".

Exactly. This is what I see for 2016 and beyond.


Skilled Investigator
I felt no time nor spirit change as a result of streibers writing.

He made a splash with communion sure but for me has been chasing that high ever since with an ever evolving saga of visitation and revelation.

Some interesting thoughts he has no doubt, but a genius he is not.

What he experienced, if anything, is anybody's guess.
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Great show which was very professional interview by Gene and Chris. Whitley , is dealing with lost of love one and will be purchasing his new book not going to use this forum as punching bag regards comments. The event seems to be like many who had a close encounter with a clever force which plays mind games. More interviews are needed with Whitley and lets remember we all are on this forum to listen , learn and decide in a respectful manner.

Ron Away

Paranormal Adept
I have read and enjoyed several of Whitley's books (not read Communion).After listening to the interview I felt rather underwhelmed,he seemed to talk a lot but said very little,despite the efforts of Chris and Gene..I suppose I thought or at least hoped he would have some answers but it appears that he is as much in the dark as I am.


Paranormal Maven
Enjoyable show. Try get him on again in the near future for a more in-depth interview. I feel the guy has a lot to say about the subject but tends to hold back for some reason or other. Perhaps he's just fed up with the ridicule, name calling etc. I thought Gene and Chris handled it very well. No sly digs. I feel a bit uneasy about the whole religion thing though.

And I think it's fair to say that Strieber's not feelin' the Bern! :D