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Disclosure & Questions for Dr. Steven Greer

David Biedny said:
When people go through extremely odd situations that don't conform to their normal worldview, I think there's a natural tendency to want to understand them, and what meaning they have or are supposed to have in our lives.

Hi David - thanks for the welcome, and I agree completely. There are another subset of people, as well (and I am one of them), who has not experienced extremely odd situations - however are terribly fascinated by the phenomenon regardless. If someone were to ask me where the fascination and interest comes from, I would have to say it is the same reason you provided above - to understand what actually "makes up" the substance of the world around us.

I personally can feel that there are things within our existing paradigm that don't fit or conform to what we all consider "normal". Hauntings, the Ouiji Board/occult, ufos, etc....they all present phenomenon that many people would rather not even talk about. Yet if you are at a party and you ask everyone there how many of them have seen "strange" things...most will say yes. Yet it is a very taboo subject - and even more frowned upon as an area of serious research.

Maybe that can change?

In my view - this is one of the greatest areas of research...the paranormal. Because this is where we can possibly get a sense of what makes the world around us "real". I enjoy your podcasts though (the ones I've listened to so far) - because you guys really work to cut through the B.S... of which there is far too much in this field - as you know.

Great work...

David Biedny said:

That 2 hour Executive Summary of the Disclosure Project is outstanding, and quite insightful.

The range and credibility of the witnesses is, in my opinion, very compelling. I know that putting Greer down seems to be a hobby for many, but I'll take the witnesses on their own. I am stunned by their testimonies, and my intuition is that they are, for the most part, all telling the truth.


Here, Here, well said my friend. ;)
More to the point, does anyone, anymore, even believe anything Dr. Greer says?
I do not believe Greer's claims that these "visitors" to our world can give us free energy technology or that any of their gifts and demonstrations with craft and lights should be trusted wholesale at this time. It is unfortunate, but their behavior behind the scenes of the public eye, including his own, has been morally reprehensible, wrong and disappointing. I have reason to very reservedly hope that they can turn from old ways sufficiently to be as true allies within a matter of decades, yet to even mention this risks people misunderstanding just how heinous they have been to sensitive people such as me who have discovered and begun exposing the agenda they've had to take resources through unwitting human aquiescence with abductions against people's will. They, those like them by similarity of conduct, have been "like a plague" to free races before.
My friend, Megan, used to visit his CE5 events and now knows that it was all a deception to engender trust. We had both been participants in groups where mental/telepathic connections were made with these extraterrestrial visitors. I woke up to it and helped her to do the same.
More to the point, does anyone, anymore, even believe anything Dr. Greer says?

He's become more like some sort of strangeness guru ? A bit like Donald Trump with his fan base. Cashing in on the faithful proved more lucrative than his medical practice?.

In 2023 that's what seems to be transpiring from his efforts. He's entitled to his point of view but from my point of view his stuff is mere pollution.
Emergency Room physicians in the U.S. earn an average of $160,275 per year according to current estimates. If he's doing better than that with his UFO nonsense, he's really doing extremely well. Of course the hours are better in dealing with flying saucer believers, or perhaps he socked away some extra money due to investments.