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Bob Lazar Hypothesis

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I think I have the best Bob Lazar theory yet and need to share it, as its making a lot of sense to me.

Here goes....

My hypothesis is that the US military has developed a propulsion system that is paradigm changing in the sense that it does not rely on the usual chemical reactions/newtons third law. Or to put it simply, that Bob is telling the truth about the features of the propulsion device he came into contact with.

Once the military had developed this technology, they would want to deploy it and make it operational, however a risk exists with making this decision, if the aircraft was to fail (or be brought down) in enemy territory, the enemy could get their hands on the new technology and the paradigm changing advantage lost.

Before they deploy the technology they conduct a risk assessment to see if this technology ended up in the hands of engineers of a foreign government, how quickly would they be able to understand it and back engineer, it if at all. How long would it be until the advantage gained had been lost and is it worth deploying or holding back for a future conflict to gain tactical advantage .... etc

How could you do this risk assessment? You got get some well qualified engineering people in from your own country and show the device to them and see if they can make sense of it and back engineer it. This technology is unacknowledged special access etc so you cannot tell the people involved with the study its real origin and development history, so you concoct a cover story of a crashed alien device that you just cant understand. You fashion a small ufo type craft and put some small seats in it to make the cover story credible, and if the story ever got out it would be this fantastical tail of alien crash landings and not one of genuine military breakthrough technology that the government is keeping to themselves.

This hypothesis on Bob would make sense of some of the key arguments on both sides of the 'Is Bob a fake or not?' argument because Bob would be telling something he believed was the truth. For example, he passed the lie detector test, which he would if he genuinely thought that was what he was working on was alien. He may have also known the test flight program and it explains why they may be able to test fly it or understand it all (as it was never alien in the first place). It explains element 115, as it could have been part of the military technology breakthrough.

Considering all of the available evidence on the Lazar case, that is the best theory I can think of that best describes what is most likely to have happened and there are no aliens required. Just good old compartmentalized security, counter intelligence tactics and breakthrough military technology. The exciting part is that it would mean the technology is real.
So... in summary Bob was just part of a risk assessment on deploying the US governments paradigm changing military technology and its fantastical cover story. Simple, makes sense...

Over to you lot to bust my theory