bob lazar

  1. gerasmus

    Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell on Joe Rogan show podcast 20/06/2019

    Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell was on Joe Rogan show/podcast yesterday 20/06/2019. Rogan has one of, if not the biggest podcasts on the planet. Rogan has had billionaires on his podcast, also Graham Hancock, Elon Musk, Alex Jones and many more, usually gets millions of views per episode. I'm about...
  2. Greers Meeting Planner

    Bob Lazar Hypothesis

    I think I have the best Bob Lazar theory yet and need to share it, as its making a lot of sense to me. Here goes.... My hypothesis is that the US military has developed a propulsion system that is paradigm changing in the sense that it does not rely on the usual chemical reactions/newtons...