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A Science Minute

Is Science the Only Standard for Truth?

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Paranormal Novice
Just a comment on the poll so far. I'm particularly impressed with the lone vote for firsthand experience. Although it could also have been mushed in with the "science isn't the only tool we have" option, IMO the vote for firsthand experience makes a definitive statement that recognizes that firsthand experience can represent truths that science and other types of intellectual investigation simply cannot provide a "Standard of Truth" for, particularly when it comes to the way that we perceive, visualize and feel about certain things.
Yes, but I think we are kind of putting science into a box.

History has shown, that science can open its mind and welcome new ideas. If what we observe today is something science cannot understand today, it does not mean it cannot understand it tomorrow. Just think about Newton vs Einstein.

There will be new science, that can be eventually used to explain what we experience and see. But it needs vision, thinking outside of box!

Scientifically, we already have ideas around light speed. Around time we have really nothing (I don't like this block time idea, we just cannot live in universe like that!).

I'm optimistic that there will be new physics, that can both explain what we see, and also help humanity go to the stars..