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A Science Minute

Is Science the Only Standard for Truth?

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USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
New NASA Spacecraft Under Construction in New Orleans:

Construction has begun on the first new NASA orbit-bound, human spacecraft to be built in 20
years. Engineers at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans have started welding and
machining the first Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle. The craft is scheduled for a test flight in
2013, during which the unmanned vehicle will orbit the Earth several times. NASA's last
spacecraft built to orbit humans was space shuttle Endeavour, which was completed in 1991.

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
Directed Energy Weapons
Not that they haven't already done this decades ago
when they put a DEW on a 747


Paranormal Adept
Its a double edged sword to be sure.

But lets look at some of the possibilitys, we uplift chimps and dolphins and create new species

Neo chimps or pan Intellectus.

Neo Dolphins or Delphinidae Intellectus.

Throw in the foxp2 gene for language and speech and they could advocate on behalf of their cousins for the preservation of their species
Having non human sentients to share this world with may just be a pivotal point in our world view. Redefining our place in the picture. the current its ours we can do what we want with it view towards the planet, would have to shift to give consideration for our fellow sentient tenants

And of course for us directly

The finding also shows that genetic improvement of intelligence and memory in mammals is now feasible, thus offering a striking example of how genetic technology may affect mankind and society in the next century.


Paranormal Adept
The technological race to upgrade the brains and bodies of H sapiens is as inevitable as it is frightening. Some of the most closely guarded information of the 21st century is in biotechnology. And I don't think we have the slightest idea where the process will lead. Nor can it be moderated.

Eat, drink and be merry. For tomorrow you may be as obsolete as the Dodo bird !

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member

Scientists have captured the first ever photo of an electron’s whizzing orbit within a hydrogen atom, thanks to a unique new microscopy technique. Seeing inside the tiniest bits of matter is a challenge, not just because of the infinitesimal atomic scale: Extremely small things operate in extremely weird ways, a branch of science called quantum physics. And the basic act of observing such diminutive things can affect their very existence, a concept known as the uncertainty principle.

Read more
: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/05/28/amazing-first-ever-photograph-inside-hydrogen-atom/#ixzz2X4aCaTau

String Theory Still Playing Second Fiddle

This breakthrough is more evidence that String Theory and its offspring M-Theory are little more than the conjuring of math wizards who aren't bothered by their inability to create a testable model. In contrast, here we have a picture of an atom with its constituent parts taken with a quantum microscope. Quantum physics is making observable progress in identifying what makes up our material universe. But this is only the latest in a series of advancements that began taking shape back in 1990 when IBM scientists developed a way to position individual atoms using a scanning tunneling electron microscope. In their proof of concept they engraved the company initials in single atoms.
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