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A Night to Remember


Staff member
Sitchen Dinner.jpg

The time frame was mid- to latter 1990s when at UFO Magazine, I received a telephone call from Gene Huff. He and Bob Lazar discovered that Zecharia Sitchen was going to give a presentation in Las Vegas. Huff, knowing that I was a personal friend of Zecharia, asked me if it might be possible to set up a dinner where Huff and Lazar might meet Sitchin. Vicki and I, along with Dwight Schultz and our personal manager Lynn Russo had planned to go see Zecharia. (Zecharia had called me to let me know he was going to LV.) I immediately called him back in New York to see if we could set up the dinner, and Zecharia agreed. George Knapp then arranged the restaurant, an awesome Italian place, the name of which I do not currently recall. (The upshot was, however, I had the best Veal Marsala and the best Chianti I ever drank!)

The evening was really magical. The conversation, the people there, the overall atmosphere was something to remember always.

The dinner table from Left to Right .. (I took the photos so I am not in the shots) are George Knapp, Dwight Schultz, (unseen Lynn Russo), Gene Huff, Bob Lazar, Lazar’s girlfriend (do not recall her name) Sitchin’s wife Rena, Zecharia Sitchin, and Vicki Ecker.

PS; I placed this same posting on FB and George Knapp chimed in ... the name of the restaurant I could not recall ... Parma.
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Goggs Mackay

Staff member
I hate to use such terms usually but that really was a once-in-a-lifetime collection of Ufological/Paranormal Royalty. Knowing how publicity shy Lazar is (regarding UFOs anyway) it's worth it just for him being there. Of course Sitchen is no longer around and I'm still sore about 2 certain p****s who publicly denigrated Zacharia and his wife.

Thanks for posting Don, a real classic and one reason at least not to feel lost in the 'UFO fog' too much!