1. Hollywood Tomfortas

    Strange Denial of FOIA Request re: Luis Elizondo & AATIP

    John Greenwald, Jr., of the Black Vault just posted on Facebook the following report of his receiving a suspiciously strange denial of his FOIA request concerning Luis Elizondo and AATIP. The Black Vault ============= On February 12, 2018, the Department of Defense, Office of the Assistant...
  2. LiquidCoax

    Luis Elizondo Interview for the 2018 International UFO Congress (Video)

    I thought I would post the Luis Elizondo interview from the 2018 UFO Congress for those of us who were unable to attend. Disclaimer: this is only about 35mins of the fullinterview. The full interview is only available through the UFO Congress VOD page. I think its about $3 to "rent" but you can...
  3. Christopher O'Brien

    "Top questions and doubts about UFO whistleblower, Luis Elizondo "

    By John Rappoport Article HERE: ...For far too long, government insiders who offer UFO “revelations have been given a free pass. They should be treated like any other sources for breaking stories. “Your information is fascinating, but I have lots of questions about you and your background.”...