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Strange Denial of FOIA Request re: Luis Elizondo & AATIP

Hollywood Tomfortas

Paranormal Adept
John Greenwald, Jr., of the Black Vault just posted on Facebook the following report of his receiving a suspiciously strange denial of his FOIA request concerning Luis Elizondo and AATIP.

The Black Vault

On February 12, 2018, the Department of Defense, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff office, in FOIA Case 18-F-0324, gave another rather odd "no records response" to a request which had multiple parts.

Specifically, I requested:

1) The resignation letter of Mr. Luis Elizondo, DoD personnel who played a role in The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.

2) Any/all responses by Secretary of Defense James Mattis, or any other DoD official to Mr. Elizondo regarding his resignation.

3) Any/all letters, memos, recommendations, email, etc. sent from Mr. Elizondo, to any DoD official, regarding the declassification or public release of videos, as obtained by the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.

4) Any/all response to Mr. Elizondo, and his effort to get videos or material evidence in the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program released to the public.

Although I have an open appeal on the above with the DOD, it is noted they just wanted to forward my request to the Defense Intelligence Agency instead. However, due to the fact that Mr. Elizondo stated clearly he worked within OSD (not DIA), and the NY TIMES among many other news outlets cited Mr. Elizondo's resignation letter to Secretary of Defense James Mattis, at least that portion of my request would be at the office that just gave the "no records" response.

Something does not seem right, and I will post the results of the appeal when they become available.

I am not trying to insinuate either side is lying, but to be honest, I think the only conclusion we can draw is one side definitely is. Which one? I'll let you all decide, but something is certainly fishy.

For more information, including the denial letter and more FOIA requests, check out:
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