1. Randall

    Chris Holm On ATP

    Chris Holm is the host of the Conspire A Theory Podcast. From Authors to Experiencers, a wide range of guests and topics are discussed on the show. In addition to podcasting about fortean topics, Chris also uses his artistic talent to recreate accounts of paranormal experiences. With College...
  2. Hotkafka

    Contact Stories Podcast

    I got the greenlight from Gene and Randall to post a link to a show we're beta testing for a possible to pitch to our network. The show's called, "The Other One." It's a movie-like podcast that deep dives true contact stories. We do music-centric docudramas - episodes clock in around 20...
  3. PsyChris

    Greeting from podcast

    Hey everyone, I just joined. I regularly listen to the show over the RSS feed. I enjoy it greatly and look forward to new episodes and every now and then, diving back into the archives. I run a podcast Conspire A Theory where I dive into the paranormal, as well as hot topics and geek fandoms...
  4. Angel of Ioren

    UFO Book Club Appearance

    Hey everyone, I recently appeared on a podcast and talked about the book The Close Encounters Man by Mark O'Connell, and it was a lot of fun. If you're interested, go have a listen over here: Audioboom / The UFO Book Club - For the Love of Hynek: 'The Close Encounters Man' by Mark O'Connell...
  5. Angel of Ioren

    New Website for my Podcast

    Hey everyone, After almost 20 episodes, my co-host and I finally launched an actual website to go along with our podcast. We talk about tech and the paranormal (although not necessarily in relation to each other), and we have a few blog posts up as well. Go have a look if you're interested in...
  6. Wade

    Paranormal Podcast

    OK guys so this is specific. I'M trying to rebuild my paranormal chops and there is a older paranormal podcast I'm trying to remember. Do any of you peeps know of an older show that had a irregular schedule and then put them up under season 1,2,3 etc. I am not thinking of Jim Harolds...