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Contact Stories Podcast


Sanity is a default
I got the greenlight from Gene and Randall to post a link to a show we're beta testing for a possible to pitch to our network. The show's called, "The Other One." It's a movie-like podcast that deep dives true contact stories. We do music-centric docudramas - episodes clock in around 20 minutes. Burger Records is providing music for the soundtracks.


Listen>> Then Weird

You can learn more about us at toowimedia.com. Let us know if you'd want to listen to more episodes like these.

As for me, I'm a therapist who flew the corporate coop to launch this media co. about 2 years ago. I had a brief period where I counseled some contactees, researched it too as faculty and previously in graduate school. Collabed w/ Leslie Keen, Mary Rodwell, David Jacobs, etc. Now I let stories do the work. Talking doesn't do much.

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Sanity is a default
Yes, know Alex. Rey’s out there- though it seems less lately.

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