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New Website for my Podcast

Angel of Ioren

Friendly Skeptic
Hey everyone,

After almost 20 episodes, my co-host and I finally launched an actual website to go along with our podcast. We talk about tech and the paranormal (although not necessarily in relation to each other), and we have a few blog posts up as well.

Go have a look if you're interested in some fun discussions about both technology and the paranormal. Please feel free to let me know what you think!

Double Density

Angel of Ioren

Friendly Skeptic
And you succeed at it. Fantastic show, thanks for the shout out, and congrats on the move to fireside.
How's the Pi build coming?
Thanks Marduk.
The Pi is great and I'll be talking about it on the next episodes. The kids are really liking it and it's a fun project - highly recommended!