1. Gene Lionberg

    Touring-esque Test for Alien Forum Members

    Assume there were members of the forum who were natural born citizens of an alien planet. What questions could you pose to get them to reveal their true nature? Or is such a test impossible? I Love You, Gene Lionberg
  2. Gene Lionberg

    What's With The Subtitled Names?

    So I noticed that my title keeps changing, and it appears to be some kind of rank (i.e. Paranormal Maven). What are the different levels and what is the cost of achieving them? Must they be earned or can they simply be purchased? Can I pay to change someone else's title? Can I sell the...
  3. Gene Lionberg

    Rockoids Book 3?

    I've been waiting for the last book in the trilogy since 2005. When will it be released? I Love You, Gene Lionberg
  4. Gene Lionberg

    Where Is a The Love?

    We get a "Like" button for people's posts, but I need a "Love" button! Where the fuchsia can I get one? I Love You, Gene Lionberg
  5. Gene Lionberg Is Down!

    I wanted to buy some finery but the site was down! I think I heard an add about this same situation somewhere... I Love You, Gene Lionberg
  6. Gene Lionberg

    Nomenclature Paradigm Shift

    Let's stop referring to our interests as High Strange, or Paranormal. Our experiences are only considered paranormal when compared to the experiences of others on this planet. But the universe extends well beyond the confines of this planet, and perhaps what we consider to be high strange is...
  7. Gene Lionberg

    More Gene!

    *I want to advocate for Gene to contribute more during interviews. Gene has a journalists cunning and his questions are always masterfully worded and drive directly to the heart of the matter. Genes interviewing style be so masterful, I just wish he would use it more. I'm not saying anything...
  8. Gene Lionberg

    Alien Intelligence Exist, But It's Not Organic!

    Darwinian evolution takes orders of magnitude longer than technical evolution. Machine intelligence will very rapidly surpass human intelligence. Even if it happens on the scale of hundreds of years from now, it will have happened orders of magnitude faster than it has taken for humans to...
  9. Gene Lionberg

    A Warm Welcome...

    I would like to welcome myself to the forums, I have been a long time listener and am a huge fan of Gene "Lionberg" Steinberg, who refuses to ask the easy questions or secede to the snorting kvetching of his guest du'jour. Chris is alright, but he hasn't earned an animal name yet. If I had to...