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  2. Danaluet

    We made contact with ETs at world’s biggest UFO conference

    Hey guys, we went to the biggest UFO conference in the world and wanted to do a video on it but WOW it was so mind-blowing that we did a whole series. This last video is about our experience …let us know what you think 9: 08 is where we talk about how Emery Smith showed us how to make contact...
  3. loki467

    The Fight for Ufology and UFOs Terms Thought Should Not Be?

    The Fight for Ufology and UFOs_________________________ Terms Thought Should Not Be?________________________ OK, so I suppose we have to have a conversation about these two things, the term UFOs “Unidentified Flying...
  4. drewc

    Amazing crop circle formations

    Many people believe that crop circles are far too complex and have too many abnormalities to be manmade. Whatever the truth is about them, I think that they are an amazing and unique artistic genre and I have produced a video compilation showing many of the most awesome crop circles, snow...
  5. drewc

    Space Oddities

    When I watch the films and videos that were recorded during the Various NASA missions from Apollo through ISS, I think to myself that there is no way all 0f these moving objects can be ice particles, meteors, or space junk. I'm quite sure that MANY of them are attributable to those things, but...
  6. drewc

    Aliens on the moon

    I am very interested in the idea that extraterrestrials have now or have had at some point in time a presence on our moon. There seems to be a lot of evidence for this theory. Scientists have expressed an interest in exploring the moons of other planets in our solar system, such as Europa...
  7. Christopher O'Brien

    Knowing About UFOs, Part 1

    [Ron Westrum appears to be one of those aeronautical experts that has a low-key interest in unexplained aerial phenomena. This multipart article is worth the read... —chris] Article HERE: by Ron Westrum, Ph.D In recent years there has been much concern among sociologists with the process...
  8. USI Calgary

    Credible Evidence

    While checking out a documentary about the possibilities of alien life, once again there's Neil Degrasse Tyson declaring that there's no credible evidence for alien visitation. But no wonder. Check out his source: The Weekly World News! The fact is that Tyson's declaration is purely an opinion...
  9. A

    Top 10 Real Alien Sightings Caught on Camera

    From images of grey aliens supposedly caught on camera inside of area 51, to photographs of extraterrestrials meeting humans, there are some pretty amazing pictures of supposed aliens on the internet.
  10. A

    ALIEN CAUGHT ABDUCTING CAT - REAL Grey Alien Caught on Tape

    Is this a real video of a grey alien caught on tape abducting a cat? What do you think? You have probably heard of countless stories of humans getting abducted, but what about pets such a cats? This video appears to show a grey alien taking / abducting a cat, but the real question is if the...