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    Best fiction sci-fi films /comics

    Just finished a couple weeks long Farscape marathon, it's as brilliant now as it was 13 years ago (and my second viewing 5 years ago). Looking forward to the possible upcoming movie.... muarathon
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    Greg Bishop Returns to the Paracast for a 2014 Roundup plus more!

    When is Greg going to post the year end Zorgy Award podcast? I had planned on listening live, but my gal had different plans...
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    Guest Suggestions for The Paracast

    They've all been making the rounds of other podcasts. So let's find something new, or newer... At least Alexander Rojas or George Filer are keeping an eye on new cases....not to say I necessarily agree with them much of the time, but they are....keeping their eyes to the sky...
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    Don Ecker — November 16, 2014

    Thank you Don for the recognition of asking you "one heck of a question" regarding Lazar's motives for speaking at the upcoming UFO Congress. And getting an "I don't have a clue..." answer. You then went on to speculate that it may just be for the public adulation, which on the surface is the...
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    Catching Up: Ask Don Ecker!

    What are your thoughts about Bob Lazar appearing at the upcoming UFO Congress event? Will you be there? What do you think his motives are? Personally I'm hoping to go, just for "the event" of him speaking. I'd love to see a Q & A with him and Knapp....throw in Bill Moore and Doty and wow would...
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    Introducing The Paracast+

    Hope I'm not sounding stupid, but does the Paracast + just apply to live streaming and downloads? I've actually been listening lately through Stitcher because of a couple particular features they offer (keeps your place, has a sleep timer, etc) It'll be great to just download a straight 2.5 hrs...
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    The Skyfire Summit Conference, Nov 7th-9th

    Oh cool, just what I've been looking for. A long weekend away from home, within 8 hr driving distance. Good line-up of presenters (even though I've already heard/met and spoken with nearly all of them)... Thanks Chris, probably a 90% chance I'll be there... here's the link (website could use...
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    Mirage Men and DMR

    I use Sticher for both the Paracast and for DMR (they also have Martin Willis' PodcastUFO and a couple others) I like the fact that it saves your place even if you switch to another podcast. And it has a sleep timer which is great since I usually fall asleep at night with some sort of podcast...
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    RPJ is a blogger worth his salt.

    Thank God our alien protection weapons are already in production, we just need larger versions of the Bug-A-Salt... Bug-A-Salt: The Original Salt Gun
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    Welcoming Don Berliner to The Paracast

    From last weeks article by Billy Cox featuring a blog entry by Don Berliner... What's to lose at this point? Cox..."Don Berliner, former NICAP investigator and director of the mostly dormant Fund For UFO Research, has some ideas on how to jump-start a sober re-evaluation of The Great Taboo...
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    Ray Stanford — May 18, 2014 Episode

    Keep your eyes out. When I first started looking for Sanford's Socorro book after a Paracast episode 5-6 years ago, the few I found were expensive.But I kept looking from time to time and ended up with a first edition, signed copy in excellent shape.....$10. I've been offered well over 10x's...
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    Black triangle - Manaus - Brasil - 1977

    It's interesting that whenever anyone comes up with a "10 Best Cases" list, rarely is Colares or "Operação Prato" included. It has always been one of my favorite cases or incidents. Take what you want (or not) from Hollanda, there still is a lot more information and evidence out there...
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    Questions for Ted Roe of NARCAP

    What is your opinion on the similarities in the Coyne helicopter incident and the Fredrick Valentich disappearance? Specifically having to do with the green light/beam that was reported in both encounters. Do you know of any other similar cases?
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    Butch Witkowski just wont go away.

    "In the second hour, we are joined by human mutilation researcher Butch Witkowski, who details the latest info on the infamous Todd Sees case which he and Lon have been extensively investigating" I usually like Tim's show but this past one was really poor. I didnt even make to hour two, the...