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    new ufo pics from C2C

    I don't know if it has been mentioned, but these pictures have the Billy Meier wedding cake feel to them. Maybe it's the fact that the pictures of the craft seem to be next to a tree? Just an observation. J
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    Older Audio Interviews (non "theparacast" interviews)

    Hey guys just thought I'd share this site with audio interviews. The interviews come from Malcom Hathorne. Check them out when you guys have a chance.
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    The Ultimate UFO Poll: Real, Fake, Spaceships or What?

    I voted for the combination answer. I'd love to believe that these "Beings" if any are bonevolent (spelling), and are here to just sort of watch us, and make sure we don't destroy earth. It would be pretty crazy if they came out destroy us as soon as we got rid of our nuclear weapons. (Like...
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    The Paracast is Moving to Sunday Nights

    Friggin Awesome!!!! I hope you guys can make it to my city. Not that I don't already listen to the Podcast... but it would be cool to listen and be able to ask people that I know (who aren't computer savvy) to join me! I have many friends that are into the paranormal/UFO stuff, but they don't...
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    Any Evidence of Authentic Predictions?

    I am a seer.... (not really) Osama Bin Laden will die of natural causes by the end of the year.... I predict that the US government and secret societies will try to control us (oh wait a minute... too late!). I also predict that food will be scarce and very hard to come by within the next...
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    They Fly

    Sorry if I went too far. I'm sure there are some people I may take this a little to literal. Just having fun okay? ::)
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    They Fly

    [/URL] <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a> Etc... Etc.. This took me literally 30...
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    Michael Horn Debates David Biedny on The Paracast

    David, I'm with you man. First of all I had never seen those pictures of Billy Meier or how ever you spell his last name. I just saw them, and it is so obvious that they are fake! If, there was a chance in hell that flying saucer (wedding cake) was real, the aliens inside it would be about 2...
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    Michael Horn & The Billy Meier Contacts

    :-[ Oh.. Just gotta correct myself very quickly. I read this from an email that Micheal Horn wrote to David: ..."So NO, it doesn't go against any principles to be compensated for your labors, even though I do my work VOLUNTARILY. But life is funny, if you do the right things it works out for...
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    Michael Horn & The Billy Meier Contacts

    Great Podcast! Talk about a not long enough podcast! I haven't read all the posts yet, but I just wanted to make 2 points. 1. David did a great job! 2. If Billy paid me what he pays Michael Horn, I'd believe all his garbage AND defend it too! ;D GOTTA protect that check!