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    Tim "Mr. UFO" and Religious Scholar Acharya S

    Excellent point, Rick! I think that begs a number of questions: - What is it that everyone is looking for? The Truth? How will you know when you have it? - What can you do about it if you do get it? - Why continue after so long? - If you feel you've found it on a personal level, why continue...
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    Acharya S and a Historical Jesus

    Atrayo's got it right. And I wish more time could have been spent on her investigative details. As much of a temptation it is to want to hear proof of something you'd like to believe in, it's obviously equally as powerful a desire to not want to hear the desintegration of proof of something you...
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    New shows

    Lear doesn't debate. He tells you how he knows it is and who gives a crap if you don't believe. You want to question and not believe, fine it's your grave, he did a favor by delivering the info. That's pretty much the extent of Lear's "debating." What is certainly interesting about Lear are his...
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    Dr. Richard Boylan, Phd., LLC

    Now Ed Dames is contracting hits on him? This guy is a paranoid lunatic space-hippie. BTW, seeing as how LLC is a type of corporation, does that mean that the name "Dr. Richard Boylan, Phd." is his company name and he doesn't really hold the PhD cred?
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    Robert M. Collins and Paul H. Smith Come to The Paracast

    Well, considering it is universally teachable, why not try learning it? It seems to me that the standard couch-skeptic response to this type of thing is always simple statements of effortless doubt that demand the proof be conjured, assembled and delivered on a silver platter. Well, here's...
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    Question for David...

    Hey David, I know this isn't exactly paracasty, but what do you feel are the best plugins for fundamental photoshop work? In other words, in that gigantic world of plugins, which are the most useful for a broad spectrum of work? BTW, are you up on CS2, or do you not really use it anymore?
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    Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot and Project SERPO

    Only fundamentalist thinking, though... actually... make that christian fundamentalist thinking. But it won't take long for fundamentalist leaders to come up with an angle about how great the universe is and obviously god decided to start spreading his worship-me fliers on Earth first - next...
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    The Paracast is Moving to Sunday Nights

    Have you guys thought about shopping yoursleves to XM or Sirius radio? Not that I use it, but... I guess it's pretty popular in the transportation industry.
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    Comments and Questions for Gene and David

    By the way, I think it's very cool that you guys are active in your forums. Oh, and I never thought you were full of yourself David, just thought that I heard Gene talk about it 8 or 9 times ... and I happened to listen to those three shows within a week or so. It was really all about...
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    Comments and Questions for Gene and David

    fair enough, I'm open to my perceptions being way off base... keep up the good work!
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    Dr. Richard Boylan, Phd., LLC

    I'm open to a lot of things, but this just screams... Space Hippies!
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    Sean Morton Paracast

    yeah, but... c'mon... the guy was funny and entertaining and said a lot of interesting stuff. Once the boys had a moment, they checked out his claims and found his evidence lacking. Didn't David essentially call him a charlatan and a thief by the end of the bottom line segment? Best it happens...
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    Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot and Project SERPO

    Hey Rick, did you read all the material at Bill Ryan, as he said in the interview, has just been an information proxy - he webmastered a site and put up the info. And as Biedny said, the new posts are very interesting because it names names - it has testable data. I'll buy into serpo...
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    Comments and Questions for Gene and David

    I'm sorry Gene, perhaps I wasn't being very clear... the wonders of communication! I wasn't suggesting that you only talk about stuf not talked about on C2C, I was suggesting that if you listen to C2C, you may have a broader ground from which to cull your questions. But again, thanks for...
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    Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot and Project SERPO

    I completely agree! I've seen this happen a number of times, and I always wonder at how these people can say what they say and possibly expect anonymity from the conspiratorial death knell. But then, people don't see their own situation the same way that outsiders do - details like that might be...