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    Leslie Kean - Jan 23, 2020

    Wont't have the time to listen to the show for a while (I also have a few other episodes still waiting in line because of real life obligations), but don't worry - doing talk shows is not easy and I could have also phrased the question better. Thanks for asking!
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    Leslie Kean - Jan 23, 2020

    As someone who has been involved with the late Budd Hopkins, what are your personal thoughts on the alien abduction phenomenon? How would you comment the theory of long time Hopkins' colleague and friend David Jacobs that, according to his latest book and public appearances, there is an...
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    TTSA Now Promoting Bob Lazar

    Indeed so. As I've mentioned in a previous thread - he's getting decent exposure in the mainstream - he appeared on JRE this June along with Jeremy Corbell, and the video has seen a ton of views on YouTube. He's also described like a normal guy from the host and David Fravor during the latter's...
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    Kevin D Randle Returns

    Thx Randall, looking forward to the show.
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    Kevin D Randle Returns

    What are your thoughts about the Nimitz case and the whole UFO scene getting a bit of a boost in the mainstream, especially in light of the recent appearance of Cmdr. David Fravor on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast talking about the case and walking everyone though the tic-tac video, currently...
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    The Nimitz Encounters Documentary

    Yeah Randall, I agree that we don't know what could have been that tic-tac thing. And sure - everything you said is true, albeit that's an old theme in Ufology - are those real object or illusions, are they alien tech or some advanced black budget thing we're not aware of... But something here...
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    The Nimitz Encounters Documentary

    I'll post it here just in case someone missed it, I'd say it's pretty good. Darn interesting to see the case presented this way:
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    Kathleen Marden

    I'm probably too late, but just in case you will have her return for Paracast+ and haven't recorded it yet, would you mind asking how does she comment on and feel about David Jacobs' narrative turning into aliens having started an infiltration phase into society via perfectly human looking...
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    Scientific Article about UFOs - Knuth, Powell and Reali

    Interesting, never heard of these guys. It seems that Kevin H. Knuth is an Associate Professor of Physics at SUNY, Albany. No luck with the other two, using a super-quick search. Anyways, will have to read this one. If it turns out that Knuth is a University Physics professor with a genuine...
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    Dolan and the Admiral Wilson leak (Eric Davis' docs)

    Article: UFO Leak of the Century: Richard Dolan Analyzes the Admiral Wilson Leak - Richard Dolan Members So, this article has been out for two weeks, I think the story popped out a bit sooner even, and is a continuation of a narrative available from 10 years ago and more. I'm sure a lot of...
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    From Christopher O'Brien

    This is sad news indeed, Chris was a great co-host and is IMHO a true and honest enthusiast with a well-balanced mental gyroscope in a field that can be easily summed up in two words: fucking circus. Chris, wish you all the best and hope to see you drop by to the forum at least now and then...
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    Abduction anatomy

    Well, in all fairness to Hopkins - the model or maybe the narrative does not rigidly follow that pattern always. It's more like it contains certain elements you mentioned, with the latter part of being more creative or special being more of a reaction of certain individuals to their experience...
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    From The NY Times: The Pentagon's Secret UFO Program

    What about the other object, the USO? That's the one referred to as being larger than a submarine, mentioned briefly in the NYT article and in the report mike posted on page 20. I can't seem to find much about it in the interviews with Fravor and Slaight, it seems not to be a part of their TV...
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    True Confessions of an Old Paranormal Experiencer

    Sorry about the fall too, hope you'll be up and about soon. I've always found first hand experiences/stories (whatever they may really be) quite interesting. I still remember an old post from mike explaining his experience and consequently his avatar which was scary and hilarious at the same...
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    New Huff Post article by Leslie Kean - Chilean UAP with video

    Well, gotta say that the explanation looks very plausible and it makes me kinda baffled that the whole Chilean commission could miss something like this during 2 years of investigating. Here's another excerpt from the article: Shortly thereafter, the pilot contacted two radar stations - one...