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    jerry doyle dies...

    B5 will always be a favorite and I have to agree with Don ,I didn't listen all the time to his talk show and while he leaned right I always found him to be straight shooter and honest to himself and that's all you can ask of anyone :)
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    Breakaway Civilizations: Ask Walter Bosley

    Enjoyable answer already :) Sounds like what I expect from a disinformation agent lol(FB reference hope you get it ) Can't wait for the show Walter !
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    Breakaway Civilizations: Ask Walter Bosley

    Does he believe it's possible that they will create a massive global false flag at some point such as a "alien invasion" or something of that nature ? If so why does he believe they would do so ?
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    Breakaway Civilizations: Ask Walter Bosley

    What does Walter believe to be the end game of the breakaway civilizations? Does he believe that they will continue to just stay behind the scenes pulling strings and to what end? Or that one day the will reveal themselves and if so for what reason ?
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    Whats your favorite creature in cryptozoology?

    Another of my favorite creatures along with Thunderbirds
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    loch ness monster pic?

    Damn Bigfoot is getting around these days !
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    Whats your favorite creature in cryptozoology?

    Mokele-mbembe Always loved this one
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    Loren Coleman, May 4, 2014

    I always enjoy hearing Loren. Its nice to have someone that views this subject in a scientific way vs Centaurs running around crazy :D
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    Is the Loch Ness monster on Google Earth?

    Maybe Nessie is just shape shifting as a boat to fool us ;)
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    Possibly Promising New Alien/UFO movie on the way.

    Hey Snake like the name/avatar :)
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    An Ant That Skydives and Uses Its Head as a Shield

    Thanks for posting! Very interesting article.
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    Questions for Film Director Matty Beckerman?

    Has he ever had any strange experiences and what is his opinion on the field of Ufology?
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    What Do Youth Believe In? They Believe in Theresa Caputo!

    Very interesting results. Curious what would have been results had you asked how many believe in ETs period vs the fact of them visiting earth.
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    Chad Drone Explained?

    +1 on having topic with guest name
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    James Fox and Tracy Torme will be here, Questions?

    What are some of the newer cases/sightings they plan to feature in the movie ?