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    Sean David Morton .. BAGGED!!

    Looks like, to my untrained eye, that he can get only five extra years and a fine for his failure to appear. 18 U.S. Code § 3146 - Penalty for failure to appear
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    What's your favorite 1950's sci-fi movie?

    OK, the original "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "Forbidden Planet" are cornerstones of Sci-Fi, as far as I am concerned. I love them both and will defend their place in Sci-Fi history to the death.
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    Statement from Donald R. Schmitt

    I don't think it takes balls to apologize in this situation. When people are caught red-handed and exposed in any wrongdoing the natural reaction is to say they are sorry -- please forgive me, the sun was in my eyes, the devil made me do it, whatever. Jeezus, give it a rest already, will ya...
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    How Silly is Climate Change Denial?

    The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever - Telegraph Read it and weep.
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    Get Well Stan Friedman!

    I have not posted to this forum for some time. Checked in and saw this thread and had to respond. Stanton was one of the first men that got my attention in the 1970's regarding UFO's. This man IS the flag bearer of SCIENTIFIC UFO RESEARCH in the world. I wish him the very best. Get well...
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    Ray Stanford — May 18, 2014 Episode

    Look, we are tired of the same old line. Ray, come on, post your proof to the public domain or just shut the F&$% up and retire. Seriously, it's time. No more stories and crap. Post all of your shit. Done.
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    DMR goes to the Movies!

    hindsight -- this was one EXCELLENT episode (all of them are great though, GREAT show Don)
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    Fukushima's melted cores have moved into the earth

    Let's revisit this in three years and you will see all of the hype is bullshit (just like the BP Gulf oil spill). We shall see...
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    Fukushima's melted cores have moved into the earth

    Calm down, people. This is all alarmist horseshit. The earth will be fine. Fukushima will be only a relatively local event -- ever. "Those assertions are false and the concerns largely unfounded, scientists and government officials said last week, because Fukushima radionuclides in ocean...
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    Don Ecker: December 29, 2013

    Flipper, you are obviously just a troll. How can anybody make sense of your goddamned prattle?
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    Gene, I know you emailed me in the recent past about helping with computer issues. My life is a...

    Gene, I know you emailed me in the recent past about helping with computer issues. My life is a bit fragmented right now and I did not mean to disrespect you via ignoring your ask for help via email. Very sorry I could not help at the time. My best wishes to you and yours.
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    Would Contact with Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity?

    Very appropriate response, Gene. Pesky religion and established power in industry and energy would certainly by involved.
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    Jim Sylvan & The Moon

    Here is a link that works: Thanks trainedobserver!
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    Never Before Published Audio Taped Interviews Affirms UFO Activity at Nuke Missile S

    Keeeeriste. Good thing this is a forum and not some old mail-based discussion -- 11,546 more trees would have died :-P. With that said, an interesting read indeed. Sent from my SGH-i917 using Board Express
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    MARS Structures!!! What the heck are these?

    I have been away from the forums for quite some time. I stepped back over a year ago because there seemed to be an overabundance of nonsense pervading the forums. I thought time would weed that out. Logging in this evening, it was REALLY nice to see so many familiar names still posting...