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    Happy Holidays!

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    news story about false memories

    We think we understand how the human brain works, but I'm not convinced humans will ever comprehend the true power and limits of the mind.
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    Teen Wakes from Coma Speaking Fluent Spanish

    Fascinating. Perhaps he had heard and subconsciously stored enough Spanish in his mind that it simply all came out when his brain was recovering?
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    October 2, 2016 — Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

    Well, I have to say you've certainly won me over. This was by far one of my favorite episodes in some time. Your approach was fine as the subject matter doesn't require an inquisition, just a thoughtful "take it at face value" approach. I learned a lot, my favorite being the story of the White...
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    Nutley NJ Bridge Time Slip Incident

    I live in southern New Jersey and have never been to Nutley, but I'll keep your story in mind the next time I'm in the area. Have you considered posting your story to Craigslist? You may get more local feedback that way. Either way, very interesting and thanks for sharing!
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    My First Experience with the Paranormal

    Well, I was sitting outside enjoying a nice beer and a cigar on a warm summer night and now I'm completely creeped out by the details of your excellent accounting hahaha...thanks! I'm a firm believer in the presence of the spirit world and the concept of family spirits taking on possessory...
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    June 19, 2016 — Dr. Joseph P. Farrell with Walter Bosley

    Obviously, The Paracast isn't about explaining the entirety of research on a single topic but to give the listeners a taste and the means of exploring the subject on their own. Anyone who believes the purpose of the show is anything other than a brief exploration and introduction of a subject is...
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    Done. It's not much, Gene, but I hope it helps. Best of luck with everything.
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    January 24, 2016 — Dr. Kirby Surprise

    As I drove up the New Jersey Turnpike in my blue Toyota Camry while listening to this episode, I couldn't help but drawl a funny line between the "meaningful coincidences" evidenced by the synchronicity theory and simple coincidence. I was waiting for Gene to say my real name, then I knew it...
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    Ask Alejandro Rojas — The 2016 International UFO Congress

    1) Where do you see ufology headed in 2016 in the political, social, and scientific contexts? 2) What are your goals for enhancing the broader spectrum for ufology in 2016?
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    RIP Alan Rickman

    "I'm feeling very depressed." - Alan Rickman as Marvin in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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    December 20, 2015 — Nancy du Tertre

    I was initially skeptical about the subject matter but ended up impressed by Ms. du Tertre's open-mindedness and the objectivity in which she conducts her work. She is clearly a tough nut to crack and I appreciate Gene and Chris' efforts to explore the soft points of the subject matter.
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    Hillary Promises To Investigate UFOs---CAUTION

    Also, how conceded is it that people think the United States government is the only entity with information on extraterrestrial life? Other countries could have this information too, ya know! :D
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    Hillary Promises To Investigate UFOs---CAUTION

    Assuming she is sincere, I doubt she would reveal anything to the American people about her tax plan let alone disclose the existence of alien life and contact. The sooner people realize disclosure won't happen, the closer we will come to discovering the truth with our own methodologies rather...