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  1. Waller
    Waller spacebrother
  2. Alphonso DiLorenzo
    Alphonso DiLorenzo dibsz
    (continued...) Please let me know if this interests you. Otherwise, thanks for participating in forums and good luck for the 'future'.

    Kind Regards,

    Owen Fry,
    Melbourne, Australia.

    P.S. Sorry, for the long message, I had to cut it up into sections so that I could post all of it.
  3. Alphonso DiLorenzo
    Alphonso DiLorenzo dibsz
    (continued...) If you could source a copy for me, I would happily convert the text into an e-book and send it back to you in that form, for you to market and price at your discretion. If you would like me to do the entire process of putting it up on to the internet for you, as a an item that can be bought on Amazon, I could do that too. However, I'd like to stay out of the financial side of it...(continued)
  4. Alphonso DiLorenzo
    Alphonso DiLorenzo dibsz
    (continued from last message)...I suspect that they realised the book's market value (which Amazon US would have you believe is $500 USD). A lot of people are interested in 'A Vertical Plane' and you've said you don't have time to turn it into an e-book. I strongly believe that knowledge should be affordable and available.....(continued in next message)
  5. Alphonso DiLorenzo
    Alphonso DiLorenzo dibsz
    (continued from previous message)...A book that might interest you in this area is 'An Experiment With Time' by J.W. Dunne. It's from 1927 but still puts forth a controversial theory of time that the author tried to test.

    I am really just seeking out a copy of Ken Webster's book. I've ordered two copies and both orders were cancelled by the supplier.
    ....(continued in next message)
  6. Alphonso DiLorenzo
    Alphonso DiLorenzo dibsz
    Hi dibsz,

    I'm sure you're overwhelmed with questions about 'The Vertical Plane' so I'll keep this brief. I heard of your story via a podcast. I'm not really interested in paranormal events but moreso in the nature of time....(continued in next message)
  7. S.R.L.
    Just another lemming hopelessly staring down into the Ufological abyss.
  8. Ripthesystem
    Ripthesystem Decker
    Hey Don welcome back! When will fridays show be up on the website, or Stitcher? It is Mark from Wilmington NC . The midnight start time on the east coast got me again!
  9. technomage
    technomage Usual Suspect
    Why, oh why, did you change your forum name? Ufology and you are almost synonymous!
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    2. Usual Suspect
      Usual Suspect
      I changed my screen name because I felt that it would work better when referring to my Question Bank questions, and also when something I might post on the forum becomes a point of contention e.g.

      "Someone dared to post a picture of Jacques Vallée with a pie in the face!"
      "Sacrilege! Who did that?"
      "You know. The Usual Suspect"

      lol ... you know all the trouble I get in around here ;-)
      Dec 22, 2016
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  10. Fran1878
    Fran1878 Gene Steinberg
    A little while ago stumbled across The Paracast on YouTube and have to say now i'am a massive fan.Its my go to listen in the evening.Keep up the good work.
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    2. Gene Steinberg
      Gene Steinberg
      Thank you.
      Dec 6, 2016
  11. tobinsky
    I must be the longest member never to have posted a message.
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    2. Gene Steinberg
      Gene Steinberg
      No time like the present. :D
      Nov 30, 2016
  12. mike
  13. Atrayo
    Updating my profile.
  14. Belgarion
    Belgarion Gene Steinberg
    Hi Gene! I tried to respond to our original thread from last year but I must have done something wrong. I've upgraded to plus for another year. Thanks so much for all you do!
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    2. Gene Steinberg
      Gene Steinberg
      I need to check these posts more often. Thank you.
      Dec 6, 2016
  15. courtspark1960
    courtspark1960 Gene Steinberg
    Gene, I was listening to you and Chris discuss audio equipment. Something I wonder about is whether anyone is manufacturing loudspeaker drivers to the levels of quality that, for instance, JBL was in the 60's and 70's?
    1. Gene Steinberg
      Gene Steinberg
      I think audio technology has equalized, as computer modeling is used to optimize drivers. So if anything, what you could get then can still be obtained, only it's a lot cheaper now. The era of high-end audio is mostly history except for some very exotic and expensive products.
      Sep 29, 2016
    2. Usual Suspect
      Usual Suspect
      I picked up a pair of JBL 4311B Control Monitors for 50 bucks. Needless to say that put a smile on my face. I hooked them up to an old Pioneer receiver/amp with the slide rule tuning, and added a set of Yamaha NS670s for the rear. All vintage 70s stuff, and for listening to my classic rock collection, it sounds better than stuff in the consumer stores these days that cost much more.
      Oct 3, 2016
  16. Buckeye Flyer
    Buckeye Flyer Gene Steinberg
    1. Gene Steinberg
      Gene Steinberg
      Sure is.
      Jun 4, 2016
  17. MTI Marketing
    MTI Marketing
    Long time, no C++
  18. Neil Sorsby
    Neil Sorsby Gene Steinberg
    I'm not quite sure why anybody could be confused with Bigfoot ? Col. Steve Austin exposed that one in the 70's.
  19. Neil Sorsby
    Neil Sorsby Gene Steinberg
    We've got to embrace the adverts if we're not a plus member. For example I've now got that six million miles an hour disclaimer for my ringtone.
  20. Gene Steinberg
    Gene Steinberg
    I'm really something. Just not sure what.
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