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July 26, 2015 (DOWNLOAD — GCN Version): The Paracast is a paranormal radio show that takes you on a journey to a world beyond science, where UFOs, poltergeists and strange phenomena of all kinds have been reported by millions. The Paracast seeks to shed light on the mysteries and complexities of our Universe and the secrets that surround us in our everyday lives.

Join long-time paranormal researcher Gene Steinberg, co-host Christopher O’Brien, a seasoned field investigator, and a panel of special guest experts and experiencers, as they explore the realms of the known and unknown. Listen each week to the great stories of the history of the paranormal field in the 20th and 21st centuries.

On this week’s show: Gene and Chris present a special shop talk/listener roundtable episode featuring Don Ecker, of the “Dark Matters” radio show, and forum regulars Curt Collins and Goggs Mackay. The bill of fare is wide-ranging, including the state of the UFO field, disclosure, and a major emphasis on lunar mysteries. Why did we stop landing people on the moon? The discussion will also include focus on other solar system mysteries, and the discovery of “Earth 2.0,” Kepler-452b, a larger “Goldilocks” planet that’s approximately 1,400 light years away from Earth.

After The Paracast: Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers: Gene and Chris talk shop about a wide variety of topics. Chris will offer an update on the UFO researcher Ray Stanford’s ongoing research, and when he might reveal what he has discovered. You’ll also hear an update on the San Luis Valley Camera Project. Gene and Chris will also talk about our collective reality and the way out concept that we are, together, expanding our reality to encompass our discoveries about the university. And what about the recent discovery of an exoplanet that is being called “Earth 2.0”? Are we truly getting closer to finding evidence of ET, or is Earth the only inhabited planet in the universe? If ET was here, would the presence involve AI rather than physical beings? What about traveling to Earth in a city-sized spaceship and landing in an undiscovered location on Earth, or perhaps the far side of the moon? What about the theory of a closed system, in which UFOs are really from Earth, that they coexist with us? We’ll also present some paranormal news updates involving the discovery of what some claim to be a hybrid human/alien body, and recent Bigfoot sightings.

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Download NOW PLAYING! July 26, 2015 — Shop Talk/Listener Roundtable with Don Ecker, Curt Collins and Goggs Mackay

Gene and Chris present a special shop talk/listener roundtable episode featuring Don Ecker, of the “Dark Matters” radio show, and forum regulars Curt Collins and Goggs Mackay. The bill of fare is wide-ranging, including the state of the UFO field, disclosure, and a major emphasis on lunar mysteries. Why did we stop landing people on the moon? The discussion will also include focus on other solar system mysteries, and the discovery of “Earth 2.0,” Kepler-452b, a larger “Goldilocks” planet that’s approximately 1,400 light years away from Earth.

Download July 19, 2015 — Greg Bishop and Walter Bosley

Paracast favorites Greg Bishop and Walter Bosley are our special guests. Our conversations on the July 12 episode with Marie Jones whetted our appetite for more mind games and conspiracy talk, so who better to dig into the subject than Greg and Walter? Greg Bishop was the publisher of the Excluded Middle magazine and the compilation book, Wake Up Down ThereProject Beta, was co-author of Weird California and is the longtime host of Radio Mysterioso.  Walter Bosley is a former AFOSI agent and a former FBI counterintelligence specialist. He’s author of the intriguing books, Empire of the Wheel: Espionage, The Occult and Murder in Southern California; and his recent books, Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom and the just-released The Lost Expedition of Sir Richard Francis Burton. Greg and Walter offer a wealth of knowledge concerning conspiracy, mind-control, secret government tech, and much more! There’s so much here that this discussion will extend to After The Paracast.

Download July 12, 2015 — Marie D. Jones

So what about claims of ongoing mind control and how powerful are these sinister influences? Marie D. Jones returns to The Paracast discuss her latest book with co-author “Larry Flaxman,” entitled “Mind Wars: Who’s Been Watching You From the Shadows.” The book presents “a history of mind control, surveillance, and social engineering by the government, media, and secret societies.” And, yes, there is a section about subliminal mind control, which recalls what Chris was talking about during the June 28th edition of After The Paracast.” The Manchurian Candidate is also on the agenda.

Download July 5, 2015 — Ray Hernandez

Introducing Ray Hernandez, Operations Manager of FREE, which stands for Foundation of Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters. This is the organization co-founded by astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, which focuses heavily on experiencers. According to the material we have from the organization: The Mission of FREE will focus on “Research, Education and Support” but will primarily focus on scientific investigation through surveys and interviews on individuals who have had UFO related contact experiences with non-human sentient beings (commonly known as “ET Contact”) and to compare this group with individuals that have had other types of “paranormal contact experiences.” In addition, Ray will discuss his personal paranormal encounters and how that led to the creation of FREE.

Download June 28, 2015 — Richard Dolan

Gene and Chris present everyone’s favorite UFO historian, Richard Dolan. We focus heavily on listener questions about such subjects as the history of UFOs and other aspects of the phenomenon. We briefly cover his decision to participate in the recent Cinco de Mayo dustup, which we refer to as Slidegate or the “topic that shall not be named.” During this episode, Dolan also focuses on the state of UFO research, reverse engineering alleged alien technology, so-called breakaway civilizations, the schemes skeptics use to debunk UFOs, and his upcoming book about so-called “false flags” and how they influenced our history. He’ll also respond to a listener question about what he’d do if he had $100 million with which to investigate the mystery.

Download June 21, 2015 — Kathleen Marden

It’s been a while since we’ve devoted a full episode of The Paracast to the controversial subject of UFO abductions, so we’ve asked Kathleen Marden to join us to report on the latest discoveries and answer listener questions. Kathleen is the niece of Betty Hill, whose abduction experience with her husband Barney has been regarded as one of the most credible such encounters. Kathleen is also associated with the Mutual UFO Network, as Director of Experiencer Research and the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, as an advisory board member and consultant to its research subcommittee.

Download June 14, 2015 — Nick Redfern

One of our favorite author/researchers, the amazingly busy Nick Redfern, returns to The Paracast to talk about his latest books: “Secret History: Conspiracies from Ancient Aliens to the New World Order.” It’s a large book, and there’s plenty of ground to cover from the mainstays, such as the Kennedy Assassination, Walt Disney and the CIA, to loads of other topics. We’ll also get a blow-by-blow about his recent appearance at the Contact in the Desert conference, Slidegate, and other pertinent subjects. Nick is always fun, informative and entertaining.

Download June 7, 2015 — Alejandro Rojas

He’s back for another go-round. Open Mind’s Alejandro Rojas. He’ll be talking about the latest developments in UFO research, including the Slidegate episode, the so-called Roswell Slides, along and the recent Contact in the Desert event. Alejandro is Director of Operations for Open Minds Production, the host for Open Minds UFO Radio, editor and contributing writer for, and emcee for the International UFO Congress. He is also a blogger for the Huffington Post. In short, he’s one busy gentleman. Ahead of this episode, Alejandro told us: “I have a feeling you guys are going to get me in trouble.”

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