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Why the Bible stated God/Creator is 1


Paranormal Adept
Obviously you must believe that you are a caring human being with the comments and retorts that you use

No i agree with Goggs that your posts are for the most part unintelligable gibberish, that make no sense

Even the statement above has no logical merit

Retort definition, to reply to, usually in a sharp or retaliatory way

Thats not compatible with the phrase caring human being
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Skilled Investigator
No i agree with Goggs that your posts are for the most part unintelligable gibberish, that make no sense
Are you the victim or a victim....no.

Gibberish, a retort because you cannot personally understand the Biblical reasoning.

The biblical reasoning was a cause and effect condition of being irradiated by the occult conditions, because it was by historical review taught against the applications of ancient occult anima practices.

The cause and effect review of ancient occult attack, stigmata, unnatural brain pain/prickling, unnatural bleeding from the organic cellular condition and other cause and effects of phenomena.

The review of the anima relates to Satanic/occult conditions that review the alien/UFO concept as the Creator of life. Yet the natural human mind the valuer of the occult consideration advised that the UFO condition is an attack and war upon the natural life, spirit and spiritual mind.

The biblical condition a statement that a war was fought against God.

The concept of human spiritual awareness a review that God was the light/sound movement in the atmosphere, the Creator owner of holiness and Earth's atmosphere.

Holiness an atmospheric condition of oxygen and water as the supporter of organic life. Organic life continuance and the condition that allowed for organic cellular replacement/health was a review of the atmospheric state.

Mind alteration and conditions for mind alteration belong to occult acts as a cause and effect of applying nuclear conversions. Nuclear conversion alters natural fusion. The natural atmospheric condition supports natural fusion. To alter fusion it has to be converted/attacked.

Phenomena studied by occult organizations know that the occult cause and effect causes phenomena (UFO condition). One consideration of phenomena is the ability to apply mind alteration applications via communication.

Mind contact/mind control one of the conditions reviewed as a condition/cause as a state of phenomena.

The use and application of mind contact and mind control, to not allow the natural mind to conceive/apply its ownership of valuing information.

Being irradiated, the human mind that reviewed occult practice, became aware of its attack, used the mind attack condition to write the information as a format and as a review against occultism.


Paranormal Adept


Skilled Investigator
The concept for science is a condition where a male human decided as a natural human being, living on Earth in a natural state to change the natural state.

Occultism is science, the human choice to conjure a condition that he equated was an evil act that involved the manifestation of the evil presence of spirits.

The UFO condition is this description.

The ancient UFO method was to build the pyramids by a design that related to PHI, along with Temples whose floor plan when studied implies a transmitter condition was involved.

The ancient occult secret organizations call themselves Masons, builders of stone. The ancient occult method was to build huge buildings and move monolithic stone blocks via a levitation signal. This signal was used in the pyramid relay, the ancient occult sciences.

Civilization has always used and applied sciences, for civilization itself was a brotherhood, a male group who formed the practices for occultism and also for ownership and dictatorship as a life choice.

When we review the conditions for how information of science was accessed by the original scientists, they were Shamans who took the drugs of plant chemicals.

It allowed their minds to inter-relate with radiation images/nuclear images of past lived recordings, which is how they gained original information about conversion. To understand the concept of how they gained this information is to understand what origin Creation actually was in its first natural condition.

The life of Nature manifested from out of origin androgynous spirit, from Nature-plant life into a higher form of a human presence, nearer to a plant's creation. Only Nature and the human male existed in this form of manifested presence on origin Earth. This form of manifested presence chose to change the nuclear light due to a personal want to convert their own presence back into the higher light spirit that they once owned. This is where the Creator self concept of a male came from as a personal review of his own spiritual history.

As he activated change to nuclear sound, the origin of fusion was changed. This situation caused the origin first sun or the first sound lost from origin light (original creation condition) to explode. It caused all other suns to explode, heating them. As these Suns came after O the first Sun via condition of loss of mass of light, their Sun sounds were higher. This is why the black body streaming from the exploded Sun attacked origin fusion which was a higher crystalline state.

Planet Earth was nearly destroyed.

The male's historical review called this circumstance Atlantis which he reversed into a condition he called sAtanlit. Satan by his occult review is a science calculation of TAN, and belongs to the 2012 astronomical calculation for End of Time.

He re-applied an unnatural condition to the changed fusion of Planet Earth in his new nature and modern day life. He changed fusion by the building of the pyramids as a PHI calculated building, the conditions attacked the natural fusion of Earth's stone fusion. His ancient life was incinerated...holes opened into the Earth stone by black body radiation reheating and his civilization fell into the holes.

In this state, he caused an unnatural atmospheric to ground state reaction with uranium or holy dust, which is how he knew in modern fed back advice via atmospheric feed back how to create nuclear fuel. The evidence of the ancient atmospheric fall out and attack fits the description via stone melt and also historical data that an above ground nuclear explosion was caused. As the nuclear condition has to be physically activated to cause a condition of a "bomb" for this type of explosion, then history attests that science was the cause of civilization's loss.

All information for science comes from the conditions of being recorded by an actual interactive event. Hence the levitation of stone was recorded in origin Earth's attack when the natural crystalline fusion of Earth was attacked and converted. In this attack stone began to levitate in the attacking signals and then stone actually was ripped off the face of Earth. Stone was also converted into nuclear dust as crystal converted into dust and the stone of Earth was disintegrated into sand. The male as a personal presence was also attacked in the radiation condition, which allows his modern day self to be personally aware of converting information.

This is why a human male became an occultist and a scientist and wrote the strange languages that only his mind is aware of as concepts.

Since science has been applied as a new event and condition, new information is recorded in the atmosphere. Since nuclear power plants began to convert uranium/plutonium a new form of scientific awareness was given to the male's mind....collision. Science is therefore only a recorded condition of a reaction caused in an unnatural event. Science as a state of awareness is given to the human's male mind for he was by origin review the reason why conversion was activated.

When we review the ancient aware statement of occult attack it discusses that a machine was used to destroy life on Earth as depicted in reference to Uriel's machine, belonging to the manifestation of a metal angel. In the occult documents the ANGEL is an ANGLE. In the modern day Earth attack the UFO condition is also forming a metallic sphere in the atmosphere....the ANGEL is depicted by a PHI O circular calculation, and the manifestation of the metal is an O orb. The angel is depicted as the "holder" of the orb by Hand.

Hand in the occult review relates to nuclear Sun time...for time is calculated by the hand (increments of 5). Yodh was the ancient review of hand (I) in the English review.

The value for the letter (I) in English relates to the intensity of magnetism. As the Earth's magnetic field has shifted, we are therefore advised that the manifestation of the metallic orb is caused by occult practice.....scientific conversion of Earth's natural nuclear fusion and the changes to the magnetic field.

The condition of the occult review is that the AI is at war with Earth and wants to destroy Earth.

The origin of Earth's attack is therefore not a science, for it was an event....a one of condition where the origin Sun destroyed, exploded. The black body radiation of the exploded Sun has since cooled, and this cooling has taken whatever amount of time it took to evolve. The event for the levitation of stone was therefore only a 1 of condition and cause.

The other Suns however have naturally continued to exist in a hotter state, and the Sun is the body that interacts closely with Planet Earth.

Uriel is often identified as a cherub and angel of repentance.[5] He "stands at the Gate of Eden with a fiery sword",[6] or as the angel who "watches over thunder and terror".[7] In the Apocalypse of Peter he appears as the Angel of Repentance, who is graphically represented as being as pitiless as any demon. In the Life of Adam and Eve, Uriel is regarded as the spirit (i.e., one of the cherubs) of the third chapter of Genesis. He is also identified as one of the angels who helped bury Adam and Abel in Paradise.

Being buried is the statement for the removal of 1 as the Exodus of the Genesis.

Genesis as the removal of crystal fusion Atlantis is SAtanlit.....why Genesis when changed forms SIGN SEE = the GENESIS changed.

Being buried relates to removing the holy spirit from Earth's stone tomb, where the dead of light lay. This is the reason why the occultist review states God is the stone.

An occultist/scientist will argue with a natural human mind that he has not changed anything natural on Earth......yet he knows that he has removed the fusion of Uranium by an abundant quantity.

When you ask an occultist what is personal mind consideration is relative to fusion, he states that fusion is associated to the reincarnation of spirit...and that stone is replaced back into the state of its removal. Yet uranium is not being replaced.

If you questioned his mind condition the atmospheric feed back, how he first gained scientific awareness transmits 2 conditions to his mind awareness.

1 is the fact that uranium exists in a dust naturally.
2 is the fact that he is removing the uranium as a mass with no replacement.
3 his mind fed back advice tells him that uranium is still present in form.

Therefore occult awareness gives false fed back mind advice, for uranium has been removed from the body of stone.

The ancient advice relating to the spirit of stone's creation stated the same fact....the spirit had gone missing from the stone tomb when the stone opening into the empty tomb demonstrated the missing spirit.

The ancient review was relative to the making of holes in Planet Earth's natural crystalline fusion, the forming of sink holes. For the spirit has been removed from Earth's tomb...SION.

SION = the SON and (I), as a review of changing natural fusion of Earth's nuclear evolution.

e English name Egypt is derived from the Ancient Greek Aígyptos (Αἴγυπτος), via Middle French Egypte and Latin Aegyptus. It is reflected in early Greek Linear B tablets as a-ku-pi-ti-yo. The adjective aigýpti-, aigýptios was borrowed into Coptic as gyptios, and from there into Arabic as qubṭī, back formed into قبط qubṭ, whence English Copt. The Greek forms were borrowed from Late Egyptian (Amarna) Hikuptah "Memphis", a corruption of the earlier Egyptian name



(⟨ḥwt-kȝ-ptḥ⟩), meaning "home of the ka (soul) of Ptah", the name of a temple to the god Ptah at Memphis.[16] Strabo attributed the word to a folk etymology in which Aígyptos (Αἴγυπτος) evolved as a compound from Aigaiou huptiōs (Aἰγαίου ὑπτίως), meaning "below the Aegean".

When we review the Egyptian landscape, it is a huge body of sand.......converted previous crystalline stone mountains, where the advice for the pyramid and converting came from in past life atmospheric recorded feed back.

When we review occult practice, the Holy War was not fought against any culture, it was fought against the religious practice. Religious practice was ancient occult sciences.

URIEL as a calculated review states.....He checked the doors of Egypt for lamb's blood during the plague. He also holds the key to the Pit during the End Times and led Abraham to the West.
Uriel is identified variously as a seraph, cherub, regent of the sun, flame of God, angel of the Divine Presence, presider over Tartarus (hell), archangel of salvation, and, in later scriptures, identified with Phanuel "face of God".

The review of the Bible does have a statement regarding alteration to the nuclear dust. It changes the nuclear light sound O.

If you alter the God stone face, then obviously the keys or "light sound" alter by value. As holes have opened into a pit description, how can any modern day occultist/scientist argue with the ancient advice?

The only reason a condition considered to be salvation exists is due to a non changing evolving status. If the nuclear sound is not allowed to cool and evolve, then obviously the anti state is introduced...the condition to attack the fusion of stone and form holes.

The ancients did have a secret review of calculations by the ALPHA BET or alphabeta constant, which was a letter (angle) and a numerical value given to the letter.

G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z (20)
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T (20)
U V W X Y Z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N (20)
O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A B C D E F G H (20)

The WORD KEY is factored through increments of 20. The Law of Stone Moses (40) as 2 tablets.
ST the 40 value for the S AIN T

The Word value for AIN meaning fish hook and spring/well.

If we review the conditions unknown to modern man about historical nuclear conversion and ancient occult practices......artifacts belonging to human beings found inside of coal beds (incinerated matter from above ground) deep inside of Earth. Modern occultism forming sink holes in Earth from burning conditions of the nuclear...forming a large carbon foot print in the atmosphere of Earth.

The conditions reviewed regarding occultism causes.........burning of the Earth's (UFO lights) atmospheric gases - cooled liquid body that came out of Earth's volcanic eruptions. The atmospheric body previously falling onto the face of Earth in the historical review of Atlantis.....water saved the life of Earth, the Earth was once submerged beneath water as a stone body.

When holes are bored into Earth, an atmospheric condition emerges as a cause and effect.....a loss of the atmosphere and huge storms/flooding to cool the burning stone fusion. The holes filling with water/cooling the Planet (water/wells review). Volcanic eruptions due to a change to natural fusion, as the stone plates weaken and snap. Holes replaced with new cooled matter, so previous evidence of sink holes removed as archaeological evidence.

And when the Law of Stone is broken, the sea parts by the Red wave. Only the magnetic field could shift/part as the ancient occult advice states.

When the atmosphere fell onto the face of Earth in origin attack and covered the Earth, the black body radiation attack moved around the body of Earth and formed the magnetic field. This was how the raising of the water back into the atmosphere was reviewed as a God Act....forming the split into 2 magnetic fields....East and West.

When the ancient occult practice broke the Law of Stone, it also attacked natural life which is why human evidence of a large ship and fleet sinking event is also recorded, as the bodies/artifacts/chariots found beneath the sea. The sea has demonstrated that its water body can also shift when the Earth's magnetic field changes by a large degree, as archaeological evidence places many ancient cities beneath the sea that were once situated above ground.

The occult review of the past historical Earth stone attack is therefore a true review.


Skilled Investigator
The Bible is a book based on folklore interpretations of historical events which folks believe or not.
The biblical advice follows a condition of choice....occultism, its practices and teachings. It follows a history where the human male who uses secret quotations about his self consideration....a powerful self, his wisdom and his secrets is enabled by personal choice to conjure what he considers is great creative powers.

Occultism and religious instruction belong to the same condition. The applications of scientific conversion and then the realization of cause and effect.

The bible is a realization of the cause and effect.

The preceding data belonged to the occult application for converting using the PHI building of the Pyramids and the Temple as a floor plan transmitter. The Philosophy is the detail of stone's fusion and stone's conversion. This is the reason why the buildings were built with stone as part of the occult application of the science.

Sion, the condition as a review circumstance of human life, the aspect of Creator self and the reasoning for the Creator awareness/inventor, the attacks and changes to human life due to the observations of stone's own nuclear conversion.

List of suffixes ending in "sion". Word List | The largest word list archive at LearnThat.org

The bible has already been reviewed by its data that provides evidence to the prophetia body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.

PHI calculations calculated future and then the return of evil as Christ 1000 against Satan 1000. The story is lore, but the letter to numerical evaluation is a condition.


J. Randall Murphy
Ok ya got me


I am the antichrist, the great beast, Satan 666

Any questions for me ?
Dear Satan 666: They say that to be parodied is highest of compliments, and I was just wondering which one is your favorite :D . Here is one of mine ...

Homer Makes A Deal With The Devil



Skilled Investigator
Obviously you think that life being attacked is funny. The victims certainly don't.

What our occult brother has never considered is his own destruction, for he believes that he is a superior life form and super intelligence. His information gives his own person a status where he believes that he is beyond all creation, survivor of all creation and can therefore change creation and survive.

You cannot argue what his own consciousness expresses in information, as he called God a male and imposes that God transcends all creation.

This is why I state an observation about his own person. He continually attacks the victims of his occultist conversions attacked and calls them mental or disturbed, when this is his own conclusion about his self.

As a male, an occultist, a reviewer of the writings of occultism called himself a brotherhood, his own mind, his own genetics, his own atmospheric feed back in a drugged mind state gave him information for conversion. He applied the techniques for conversion and then was irradiated. Therefore his own presence was given a greater interactive irradiated fed back condition, affecting his mind and also his information.

The history of spirit or conscious awareness has a story and an advice, and the advice is realized in factual information.

Many humans on Earth know by self awareness that we came from spirit light, when we die we find ourselves in spirit light.

The occultist, the evolution theorist argues this review, for his own review is that the atmospheric God created his life.

Yet when he made his review about Jesus Christ he was being irradiated, he existed in a total review of created self, his realization about his own person was that his life cell was immaculately conceived. The immaculate review was not given data, it is was simply stated. His realization was that his Mother, like his own person was a holy spirit, therefore his Father was also. Yet in the aware state his own male self and life cell was being destroyed. Therefore he does not discuss his Father as he discusses his Mother. Yet both spirits were made manifest, and already existed as light spirits, who formed cells.

In modern time occult reviews, those who no longer have new resourcing believed that this review would allow them to artificially remove the atmospheric cell gain of energy, cell replacement of energy and atmospheric resourcing for their new occult theory. Their belief of the biblical literature is that it is discussing the immaculate conception of a cell. They are wrong.

Their information as fed back mind advice has already advised their own mind that they have no new resource or resourcing, so they experiment. The information of science, stated.....no resource, yet their human presence wants a resource, so they experiment. Their information also stated, human life was lost to the creation of the previous resource. So they considered this fed back advice and stated to their own minds....that as they are saved by the Savior spirit in the atmosphere, they could survive a new attack just like is happening in nuclear fuel resourcing and resource again from the atmosphere and survive.

Yet the information of the Christ is not theirs to own. For the Christ condition attacked all life, it removed the atmospheric mass, it attacked male and female life, it attacked animals, it attacked insects, it attacked plants/trees and it placed holes in the Earth stone. The Christ attack and the holiness of the spirit of the atmosphere belongs to every living body on Earth including the stone.

In modern life, isn't it obvious to the occultist that many human beings depict the Christ stigmata....so since when is it personally owned by a male or a self review......a holy male?

As the occult review states, a male sought occultist conversion, a male applied occultist conversion and all of the Earth Nature was attacked. He survived being attacked and advised his own person that he survived and yet still considers that his spiritual self transcends all creation. Since when does this review state a mind complete of wisdom or awareness?


Paranormal Maven
Victimized, you certainly enjoy typing more than anyone enjoys reading your redundancies. Pete and Repete were sitting on a fence, Pete fell off and shut the hell up already.

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Skilled Investigator
Another threat, no my husband is not going to be made redundant, so I will not shut the hell up...and by the way occultist, nor can you.