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Who is Luis Elizondo? (re: DeLonge's TTS/AAS money making media empire)

Hollywood Tomfortas

Paranormal Adept
Hollywood, thank you for the kind wishes...I guess I am at the age where the body is not as agile as the mind. Then again, according to my wife, I may be losing my mind too! :) I will pass on to Hal your regards... thanks again for your kind words of encouragement.

Realm, you have a valid point. If we, as a company, are not communicating effectively then the issue is with us and not the audience. I was not aware of the communication issues to the degree that I am now. I will engage the Board to see how we can fix this while remaining SEC compliant. The discussion began last week but I will elevate specific examples to the attention, beginning with the one you just provided. Currently, we are separated geographically by thousands of miles (East Coast vs. West Coast) which has made is exceedingly difficult to collabirate. This is precisely the reason I recently sold my House in Annapolis and relocating my family to San Diego. Bottom Line: I have this for action.

Regarding "absence of data...filling in the gaps" I was referring to the fact that as a company, if we don't communicate effectively, we subject ourselves to scrutiny and mistrust. Precisely what is now being discussed. Not sure is that answers the question that was asked of me???? But that was the point I was tryin to make.
Hello @Lue ! How are you? It’s been two months since your last visit here to the Paracast forum, and it looks like your surgery went well, judging from your much more hale and hearty appearance on FOX News with Tucker Carlson.

(A Hollywood Central Casting observation: You actually remind me now of the strong and sturdy Mormon pioneer, Brigham Young, so that’s probably why I’ve taken to calling you “Prophet Elizondo” among some other cute epithets which you can find scattered across the forum)

But on to a serious question many of us have about that 3rd video release.

Why was it not properly vetted by someone on the TTSA team who could competently calculate the speed and altitude of the object from the pilot’s display data?

I assume it was Tom DeLonge who wrote the text for the TTSA release, claiming this was some anomalous object flying at a high speed very close to the surface of the ocean.

But Mick West and folks at Metabunk as well as our own Paracaster Brother @Realm immediately calculated that the object may have been either a weather balloon or a migratory bird at an altitude of 13,000 feet and moving quite slowly, maybe 30 to 40 knots.

Once again, it appears that Tom deLonge’s “Donald-Trumpian” level of grandiosity and self-serving exaggeration was allowed to once again embarrass TTSA and result in yet another blow against the credibility of you and the other serious and competence members of your team.

But it’s great to have you back.

Best regards,

Tom Mellett