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Whitley Strieber


Paranormal Adept
This may have been posted at some time in the distant past, but it bears reposting. I found it a fascinating look at Whitley Strieber.

Through a Fractured Glass, Darkly (Part One): The Facts in the Strange Case of Whitley Strieber - Reality Sandwich

While I still enjoy listening to Whitley Strieber on interviews, mostly for entertainment value, I give him little credibility now. As others have said, I noticed years ago that Whitley was constantly the camp follower of ufology. He was always playing a game of catch-up. Whatever the latest trend might be, Whitley was always there to claim ownership. If abductees began to proclaim psychic abilities, then suddenly (for a short time) Whitley proclaimed that he had psychic abilities. When ufology was confronted with YOUTUBE videos of bizarre drones, suddenly Whitley announced he had seen such a drone (even though all accounts were later revealed to be hoaxes). When people reported seeing blonde hunks, suddenly Whitley remembered that he also has seen alien blonde hunks (although he never mentioned it in any book). When ufology began to move into the area of UFOS as pararnomal, suddenly Whitley revealed that the paranormal is part of his life, describing a zombie like decaying figure who lived in the apartment below him in New York, voices speaking through his stereo (a classic symptom of psychosis, by the way). Whenever ufology addresses a new form of alien, suddenly Whitley announces that he has had interactions with this new breed of alien. If abductees are subject to time shifts, suddenly Whitley announces that he has had many time slips. He has gone from truth seeker in my mind to carnival act. The worst book in my opinion is THE SECRET SCHOOL. Here he reflected the obsession at the time with the Face on Mars via Richard Hoagland. Steeling his thunder, Whitley announces in this book that he was probably the first person to see the Face on Mars via a telescope during a childhood class with a large "moth" alien as the teacher. He also announced that he was subject to prophetic visions, e.g., seeing himself and his wife Anne living again in San Antonio and gathering nuts to eat in a dystopian world. (Note: Poor Anne is confined to a wheelchair and may not long be with us. They both live in Santa Monica, California. Hence, this vision is about as phony as a 7 dollar bill). In the same book, he also claimed to have had a vision of the moon's creation. The moon supposedly was created from an impact on Earth that threw out material (like a birth) creating the moon. However, since publication of this book, scientists have reported that the moon (via examination of moon rocks) is inexplicably MUCH OLDER than planet Earth. Therefore, Whitley's explanation for its creation is bogus. Perhaps with the publication of THE SECRET SCHOOL, Whitley went into the full-fiction business? This is my opinion, and I realize that MY opinion is based on my life experience and psychological make-up. Others may still consider Whitley once of ufologie's most noteworthy "divas".

So what is the latest Whitley assertion? Whitley, along with Jaime M. and Linda MH has stated on DREAMLAND that he supports Jaime and the notion that the Roswell slides do depict an alien. I didn't bother to put the episode into long term memory since it was such gibberish. What I remember is that Whitley agreed with Linda in the theory that the big bad government (FBI OR CIA?) put the placard in front of the alien mummy in order to throw ufologists off the trail. When I listened to this episode, I could only shake my head in authentic disgust. That same day, I put my entire collection of Whitley Strieber books up for sale on eBay. Interestingly, today someone bought THE SECRET SCHOOL, which I consider his most notorious book.

Until that DREAMLAND episode, I had read every Strieber book. I found that his recent fictional books do start with a clever idea, but Whitley never seems able to pull it off. By the end of the book, I feel like his clever idea had been lost. THIS may explain his low book sales rather than some concerted effort (as Whitley claims) to discredit him.

Well, I urge you to at least skim the 2 part examination of Whitley Strieber at the url above. Thanks.
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Paranormal Adept
A partner of mine who worked with a top secret Canadian research effort in the 60's had a helmet mind energy enhancing device on his head as did another person in another building across a large square garden or recreation area. He reached for a smoke and his energy was transmitted at that instant making the other person go into a coma and his hair turn white.

You can see this story along with research on SQUID and other helmetry in my article Mind-Machine Interfacing from a decade ago. Los Alamos was a site where this research went on and probably is part of what the TV series Futurescape showed recently. That is in Whitley's neck of the woods, and it would not surprise me if he was targeted.
I can confirm some kind of helmet tech was for sale [and demo] at a UFO gathering in California back in the 1980's. Vicki Ecker [Now Don Ecker's wife of Dark Matters Radio] was publishing a magazine about UFO's with another female partner. It was popular among the UFO folk that was published for well more than a decade.

Anyway, she recounted, on one her very few interviews on Don's show, how she put one of these helmets on to try it out. Unfortunately, within a short time of trying it she became extremely paranoid, and she thought she was targeted with this helmet tech. She became so fearful that she left the convention area and had to drive around in her car for a long time [perhaps hours] before she could calm down enough to return. She never had such "panic attacks' of paranoia before that helmet demo, so that seems to prove there can be some serious mind control tech affecting fear and paranoia centers of the brain.

Vicki has some interesting tales to tell if you're interested about that earlier UFO time period '80's-'90's. She only did about 2-3 interviews, and the rest are just reruns of those few shows. Check these out under Vicki Ecker at:

Dark Matters Radio - Downloads | CyberStationUSA On Demand Programming

Now, the fear tech can be beamed... There is a MUFON long-time female investigator that is well known publicly that thinks she and several other people were "beamed" with a military weapon that scared the crap out of all the people present during an actual UFO triangle sighting. Everyone at the same moment ran in a panic attack with extreme fear away from the area. She said this fear penetrated their bodies unlike anything she has ever felt, as if every cell was activated with fear. This was instantaneously felt by all 5-7 witnesses present. They ran for the truck dumping all their valuable equipment on the ground and took off.

What's quite fascinating about this account is she is convinced this is likely some kind of US military craft cloaked as being an ET-UFO, and they were targeted for some reason or test. This experience she had is available online from several sources, as she did many audio interviews about this. It really is an amazing account from an experienced investigator that is well known, and she does not say it was ET. She thinks it very likely was US "off the books" highly classified craft. It also deactivated their cameras and some holography may have been used too. Yes, even an ET image may have been projected somehow. The other female investigator was totally freaked out and left MUFON, got divorced, and moved away to lose contact with her previous life.

This seems to be the classic UFO freak-out story that might be for real, but Humans are doing it. Her husband is in the Navy, and he is the commander of a nuclear warhead submarine. So, she can't be just some crazy person with her husband in such an important high security and command position. Imo.

Robert Baird

Paranormal Maven
Dear Stalker

You say: This seems to be the classic UFO freak-out story that might be for real, but Humans are doing it. Her husband is in the Navy, and he is the commander of a nuclear warhead submarine. So, she can't be just some crazy person with her husband in such an important high security and command position. Imo.

I say: No way Jose!

Admiral Stubblebine was a far more freaked out Moon Base remote viewer who may also have been targeted by this equipment we are referring to, leading to his probable suicide. Correct me if I am wrong I may be getting two stories mixed together. Again!!! I implore you to research Futurescape and actually view the first episode which shows a Matrix scenario not unlike was run up the pole in Black Ops at Snowflake Arizona. I have seen the UFOs near a military Base near Phoenix, at night. Mobile Alabama is another such place.

But in Futurescape we are told the control of our mind and the collective thereof will be for good and creatively manifesting great advancement rather than the use of our bodies as energy sources or batteries. I think I already put a thread here on mind control. But I'll quickly do a different one on robotics and what Futurescape might be preparing us for.

Elon Musk should worry - because you are not doing anything


Skilled Investigator
Back in the 90s I purchased his book, Communion and looked forward to an eye opening read. The book for me was hyped beyond belief and rather drab and confusing at times. When Transformation came out I was expecting a more detailed read but alas - more of the same. His books left me with the impression that he was actually telling a "story" which cashed in on the abduction phenomenon. Poor show Mr Strieber.


Paranormal Maven
I would like to hear him on the show too. I don't think he will go on however, too many hard questions for him to answer.

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
Affirmative, I recently listened to a number of podcasts featuring David Paulides , two of them were on the unknown country podcast. I counted five times Whitley interrupted David to interject one of his own experiences. Whitley seems quite enamoured of himself.

I too have been saying for the longest time that I think Whitley is full of B.S and I have noted that when I hear him interviewed and I think he is lying, I hear him stutter a little, something an old friend used to do every single time he lied. I used to find it so funny that my friend had no idea that he was such a useless liar and that the many times he was lying to my face, I was fully aware of it at the time, just choosing not to admit to knowing.

Anyway, Whitley is the same. And yes, whatever is paranormal flavour of the month, Whitley just happens to have a personal experience of that phenomenon, and wouldn't you know it, it had just slipped his mind every single previous interview and he just remembered after the current experience happened to have became the current hot topic. I mean, honestly, if one were to sit down and make a list of every distinct paranormal experience-type he has claimed to have personally had, you would be writing for ever. There is nothing he hasn't experienced himself.
It really used to annoy me when on Art Bell etc, Whitley was always given free reign and no-one challenged him on the legitimacy of any of his claims.

You know, it really wouldn't surprise me if one day Whitley announced that the whole time since 'Communion' he has been conducting a social experiment in measuring just how much crazy things one person can get away with claiming they have experienced before the public say, 'No more Whitley, we don't believe you anymore!'
I am truly sorry he recently lost his wife, it certainly seemed they were a great couple and I don't really personally despise the man, he seems a nice enough guy, I just do not believe his claims, maybe I did once I had read Communion, but very soon afterwards, no.

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
I would like to hear him on the show too. I don't think he will go on however, too many hard questions for him to answer.
It'll never happen. He has been asked a number of times. He has even given the impression once that he might come on, but he probably did a little due diligence and quickly realised he would not fare well on the Paracast.

Gene tells that he had met Whitley once and then a year or two later, Whitley pretended not to know Gene at all, but I think this was after the interview requests, so it just doesn't wash.

Same with Jaimme Mussan.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
Now a year or two later. It was more like 12 or 14 years. But he certainly knew who I was then and who I am now.


Paranormal Adept
I've never understood the notion of why Streiber should appear on another show. He has his own website and podcast where he can write and speak about whatever he likes. Why open yourself up to possible uncomfortable questions. I woudn't blame him in the least.

Undoubtably, he went on Coast to Coast because he knew his buddy Art Bell would never challenge him on any of his claims.