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Was it John Keel or a Mimicking Ultraterrestrial?

Christopher O'Brien

Back in the Saddle Aginn
Staff member
Brett Raines has an interesting article at his Mysterious America website. I'm not sure what to think about this, but perhaps you can have a listen and tell us what YOU think.

"Bret Oldham asked his technician (or spirit guide, if you wish) named Bishop to locate John Keel for us, mentioning that today (July 3, 2010) marked the one year anniversary of his passing. Within just seven seconds (Bret and I both had our digital recorders running) we all heard “Keel” boom from the two speakers hooked up to the spirit box (see my last column for an explanation of this device). For about two and a half minutes after that attention getting feedback, there seemed a variety of words and voices chaotically competing perhaps for our attention. Bret explained that Bishop was trying to locate Keel, and at one point told the spirits to be patient, they would have a chance to communicate later, that right now we were looking for John Keel. Then again we distinctly heard “Keel” once again. “Hey John, was that you?” Bret asked. Then came the words “John Keel” (13 seconds after the Keel that had just been spoken). A few of the EVP files described can be found HERE:

Rest of the Raines article is HERE: