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Thought of why younger folk aren't...

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Mr. Fibuli

Paranormal Adept
I was thinking about the recurring topic I've heard on the paracast about younger people not attending conferences etc.
While I'm not exactly young at 40 years old, I am, however, a bot of a late bloomer and Abig kid. I don't make much money AT ALL.
Basically my theory is that disenfranchisement of younger generations is possibly more of a factor than lack of interest.
Just a theory.
PS I do work an awful lot.
I don't have children but my 16yr old nephew shares my paranormal interest.When I ask him about this, he says a few of his peers have an interest but the vast majority are more concerned with celebrities and social media.
The young have a lot more distractions than I had so their imagination revolves around tv and computers not looking up into the sky and wondering!.
My nieces and nephews are all in their late twenties and early thirties. To a person their interests are: career, hanging out with friends, travel, and staring at their smartphones. All of them have professional careers with disposable income. I can tell you that UFOs and aliens don't make the list of interests.