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The Official Paracast Political Thread! — Part Five

Gene Steinberg

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If the dangerous condition was the result of one of the rules he revoked, perhaps. Remember that many of those "dreaded" rules are actually protections that keep people safe.
Chicago doesn't have the strictest gun laws. Do your research.

Chicago's murder rate is actually going down. It was 650 last year, 16% below 2016. And, based on the figures you quoted, it may be even lower this year unless there's a sudden rash of killings.

So why is Chicago given special attention by Republicans? Simple! Because Obama lives there. No other logical reason. It's not the safest city, but not the most dangerous either when considered by population.
The point is that gun laws don't work or mean anything. Ask any left wing liberal who's squawking about guns and ask "What law would you propose that would eliminate gun violence?" Most will get annoyed with the question and walk away or just stand there with a blank look on their face. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand this;

The criminals will ALWAYS have guns. They don't go into the local gun shop, shop around for something they like, ask to buy it, fill out the paperwork, wait for the background check, etc. They are buying them from Jorge out of the trunk of his Buick with the serial numbers scratched off it. The people who get punished are people like me; law abiding citizens, never have been arrested for ANYTHING, no domestic violence issues, no DUI's, etc. I got a concealed carry permit in Maine, Washington & Oregon. I have the RIGHT to defend myself, my children & my property. God forbid I'm at McDonalds with my kids and I start hearing "PAP! PAP! PAP! (the sound of a hand gun going off) - I, at a MINIMUM - at least have A CHANCE to protect my kids and myself and possibly other patrons. What the liberals want (in this same scenario) is for me to just curdle up in fetal position begging for my life (and my kids) and then crossing my fingers that someone dialed 911 and then WAITING for the police to show up. That is ridiculous. There are all kinds of stories in the media (that are usually squashed) of how someone with a concealed weapon stopped an invasion/robbery etc. But MSM & fake news will never promote those stories because it doesn't fit their narrative. It happened right at my local mall - guy started shooting people in the food court (Clackamas Towne Center Mall in Oregon). And who saved the day? A guy with a concealed weapons permit. But fake news will never broadcast that story (but I have the link saved for the news piece on it if anyone is interested). I mean, even my 9 year old daughter gets it. She asked me one day on the way to the orthodontist (I explained to her that I can't carry my gun in NJ - up to this moment, she wasn't aware of that and assumed I was still carrying like when we lived in Oregon) "Dad, say if some bad guy wanted to hurt us, but you couldn't protect us because you are not allowed to carry your gun - can you sue the state?" Even a child gets it. Put it this way, if you were stuck on a deserted island and someone gave you a choice; you can have either a ZERO chance of being rescued or SOME chance of being rescued. Is anybody really going to pick zero chance? At least with a firearm - you have a chance. Left wing whackos paint the picture that it's the law abiding citizen with a concealed handgun that is going to be the problem which couldn't be farther from the truth. The problem is the criminals, thieves, gangbangers that illegally own & carry a gun. I would bet you $1 million (if I had it) that if some scenario happened at my local mall (god forbid) and I eliminated the shooter - that the families of the other patrons would be thanking me for the rest of their lives & would be super grateful. It's like abandoning ship in the ocean; do you want a life vest so that you have SOME chance of staying afloat & surviving or would you rather have NO life vest?

But again; name or propose a law - that will eliminate gun violence? I'd be open to hearing the suggestion.

I challenge you to watch this hearing & testimony from a woman who lost her parents from a shooter & not think to yourself "Wow. That makes sense."

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Those peaceful Muslims keep stabbing people in London and no one seems to know why. So it must be those out of control KNIVES. Again, MSM won't talk about this though because it doesn't fit their narrative. Here's how ridiculous the left is with their train of thought (or non train of thought);

1 person out of 100's of thousands commits a crime like shooting up a business/school/public event - the left wants all guns banned/confiscated.

1 person out of 100's of thousands of MUSLIM's commit mass terror with bombs/cars/knives/trucks/guns etc. - the left says "Oh come on, we can't ban all Muslim's because only a handful carry out mass terror."

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
Because that's a rampant problem in our society? People running into a crowded mall and yelling (in English) "In praise of my Lord & Savior - Jesus Christ!" while then detonating a suicide vest?
And Oklahoma City, where the offenders used a bomb?

A terrorist act doesn't require a suicide vest or a verbal outburst. Do your research.
So what about Christians who commit acts of terror?
Hello Gene,

I’m still unsuccessfully searching the web for a comparable scoreboard for Christian terrorists killing in the name of Jesus, but I did manage to find a nifty scoreboard for Muslims killing and maiming in the name of Allah.

Here is the most up-to-date tally of Muslim terror worldwide in the last 30 days
List of Islamic Terror Attacks

List of Killings in the Name of Islam: Last 30 Days

(This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by TheReligionofPeace.com. Most of these incidents are terror attacks. A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.)

During this time period, there were
145 Islamic attacks in 24 countries,
in which 632 people were killed
and 781 injured.

A tally of each incident follows in the article. But wait, Gene, we’re in luck, because we happen to be right now one day from the end of the holiest Muslim month of Ramadan, which is a special time of killing infidels for the most extreme of Islamic terrorists. See this NY Times article from 2016 about this special month for jihad.
ISIS Uses Ramadan as Calling for New Terrorist Attacks

For Ramadan, there is a special scoreboard set up called the Ramadan Bombathon which tracks Muslim terror incidents during this sacred month. Here is the cumulative tally up to and including Day 29. If there was a Christian terror attack, it was only one with one fatality. But maybe Christian terrorists prefer a difference holy month for their terrorism.
Islam: The Politically Incorrect Truth


But things are looking up Gene, because the annual totals for the last 3 years tell a heartening story. See how the terror trend is downward, a long arc toward peace perhaps, for the total number of attacks, killings and injuries by Islamic terrorists worldwide is markedly decreasing each year.

From January 1, 2018 through June 13, 2018

During this time period, there were 898 Islamic attacks in 42 countries,
in which 4960 people were killed and 5775 injured.

Projected totals for the entire year of 2018
During this time period, there were 1,996 Islamic attacks in 42 countries,
in which 11,011 people were killed
and 12,820 injured.

Scoreboard for 2017
During this time period, there were 2,042 Islamic attacks in 61 countries,
in which 15,834 people were killed
and 14,360 injured.

Scoreboard for 2016
During this time period, there were 2,498 Islamic attacks in 59 countries,
in which 21,362 people were killed
and 26,730 injured.

(Still no scoreboard for Christian terrorists, but here’s a tally of Muslim terror attacks against Christians)
List of Islamic Terror Attacks on Christians
Well, of course there are more white terrorist incidents than Islamic terrorist ones for the simple reason that for every Muslim in America, there are 62 non-Hispanic whites in the population!

But given that most white terrorists are male, let’s cut that number in half so that there are 31 white male Americans for every Muslim in the population of the USA.

According to that article, between 2008 and 2016, there were 115 white terror incidents and 63 Islamic terrorist incidents.

But if the population of white males and Muslims was equalized, then there would have been 63 x 31 = 1,953 Muslim terror incidents.

So that means on a per capita basis, there would be 1,953/115 = 17 Islamic terrorist incidents for every one right wing extremist white male terrorist incident.
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Gene Steinberg

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We also need to subdivide by the percentages of white supremacists, which is seldom subdivided.

Point is that any terrorist act is horrible. But it's not fair to assume it's just a muslim problem.


Paranormal Adept
"Americans will always do the right thing — after exhausting all the alternatives." ~ (purportedly) Winston Churchill
Civil war ?

... considering divisions along lines drawn by your level of education, religiosity, whether you're from urban or rural areas, bible belt or not... etc.

Unchecked, Trump is probably your best bet to nuke 'Merica and the values of its founding fathers and he also comes into power at the worst time in human history.
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And @Gene Steinberg , the amazing trend toward peace is continuing. Compare the Final Scoreboard for the Ramadan Bombathon of 2017 with the scorboard tally for 2018 with only one day left in the sacred month.

View attachment 7023
View attachment 7022
Nice work. But you'll never win or gain and edge. Left wingers have an answer for everything. They learn it from watching people like Loretta Lynch & Crooked Hillary testifying in front of congress. Lynch couldn't even give a yes or no answer to the question "If the speed limit is 55 and I'm going 65 - am I breaking the law?" Then she just went into her classic "talking in circles" while disgusting everyone. Slippery as a snake & a answer (or non answer) to everything. Hopefully the American people will see the CCC (Crooked Clinton Cartel) end up in prison before it's all said & done.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
What does that have to do with the fact that James Comey basically elected Donald Trump by his letters to Congress late in the campaign about the email investigation?

And saying nothing about the Russia investigation?


Paranormal Maven
Donald Trump. My wife grew up in Forest Hills and lived in Manhattan her whole life. DT is a local boy we remember from back when. We voted for him but are quiet about it because well, these days that’s required because of all the shrieking and hair-pulling.

He’s like my mother was. When we would have a family dinner Mom was a loose cannon on deck – she would literally blurt out anything and she had a command of profanity that a Marine drill sergeant would envy. Thing was, despite the flesh crawling cringe she was usually spot on and just saying what we were thinking anyway.

He is a symptom of a dysfunctional political system not the cause of it.


Hopeful Monster
Donald Trump.


He is a symptom of a dysfunctional political system not the cause of it.
For what it's worth...

I agree that he was / is a symptom; I think his administration is now yet another contributing factor to the dysfunction.

To me one of the most depressing things about Trump being elected was just what it said about the state of democracy and politics in the U.S. That guy, that's the straw you grasp at? Donald freaking Trump? I think some voted for him in hopes he'd be their wrecking ball in D.C., I know there are loads of theories about other reasons... and I know Presidents don't have to be paragons but, he just struck me as an especially sad selection, a poor vessel for any hopes other than the aforementioned wrecking ball purposes. But then what does that say about, say, everyone else who was a candidate in the Republican primary - that Trump somehow seemed the best option out of that pack? Eh I could go on and on but it's all been said.