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The Lone Gunmen series

Mr. Fibuli

Paranormal Adept
The Lone Gunman was a great show, and the episode where the Govt flies a plane into the WTC is a real headscratcher.
Did you say a Homicide and TLG crossover? Whaaaaat?!

Richard Belzer wrote a great book about conspiracies, get the audiobook because he reads it himself. Maybe he should be a guest on the Paracast?
Yeah it was an X-Files episode about the Gunmens' origin story in Baltimore. That's a great idea; The Belz would be a great guest. If you didn't see it, I suggested Dean Haglund as a guest (my best post on the forum IMO-I don't think anyone noticed it).
Haglund did a documentary on 'UFO-ology that I'm looking at:
Poobala.com has the crossover stuff that I was talking about:p

Mr. Fibuli

Paranormal Adept
I have to believe that Cap'n Toby (RIP Tom Poston) was based on Captain Chesapeake (a local Maryland kids' show). I also love Sesame Street, Captain Kangaroo, and Romper Room (also filmed in Baltimore for some of its' run). I really believe that being kind is one of the greatest actions humanity can achieve. I was born in 1976 and I know that aging can embitter people, so I try to be as nice as I can, as funny as I can-this series really inspired me. Also that's why I try to make things cool in this forum.


Paranormal Maven
I second the vote for Dean Haglund on the Paracast! Thanks Mr. Fib for the video and links!

Have you seen Fringe? I haven't finished the series, but it started pretty strong. Starts like anomaly of the week, but gets into some intricate extra-dimensional/alternate earth stuff.

I also recommend Dark Skies, the series not movie. I'd say it's like x-files, but weaves actual cases and real world events together in a fictional way. It's dated visually, but the stories are great.

Mr. Fibuli

Paranormal Adept
I watched a few episodes of Fringe and it's a really good show. I had no plan to look at Dark Skies, but I definately will based on the recommendation.