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The Black Fleet?


Skilled Investigator
Veerrrry interesting. I especially like the Terminator music at the end.

Just to play devil's advocate, could it be space junk from different angles, as it floats in space? I don't think this myself, but before I jump to the conclusions that I want to jump to, could it be space junk? We need all sorts of analysis on this one.... that's how interesting it is!


Paranormal Adept
I'd have to say that the images are certainly piquing my interest. In fact they are the most intriguing images I've seen in a long while....but what are they?

My opinion is that the anomaly(ies) seem to be man-made, or at least conform to some sort of manufacture. Could the object(s) be space debris on a slow decent to earth?


Nothin' to see here
oh cooome ON!

If thats a secret fleet of black aerodynamic space craft in low earth orbit my name's Roy Orbison.


Paranormal Maven
oh cooome ON!

If thats a secret fleet of black aerodynamic space craft in low earth orbit my name's Roy Orbison.
If your name ain't Roid Orbitson it must be time for the Apocalypse. Let me know if you want some good recipes before the world blows up. This Texas heat is making brain work in novel-mode.


Skilled Investigator
I think the "black fleet" pix are just space junk...but that video from Paris....? I see it and all I can think of is the phrase "Non-Terrestrial Officers". I can totally picture a couple of USN aviators off on a joyride to see the city of light. Something about it just rings "true" to me.

my 2 cents.