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The Billy Meier Case Switzerland

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Nathanael Mallow

Skilled Investigator
So what your really saying about yourself is:
I am someone important cause I know someone important.
I am a proximity genius by my own right.
Therefor my argument is right cause I said so.
Does that about sum it up?

I'm out mallow is insane
Perhaps not announcing that you are leaving would work better.
I thought we already answered the Horn question didn't you Google me?
Homework Self-work see to it :)

the MIB switched out the real pictures
Look I cannot argue with this and if you are being honest about it neither can you.
But by no means does that mean we have to believe it either.
We can follow what we do know and exercise our rational thought there.
And we can be like detectives here Original Dean Martin show
Having the 3 photographs in-front of him not knowing any of the background story
And watching the show

You could ask your detective self is there evidence of manipulation or are the photos taken directly from the TV

You should conclude that there was manipulation.
Now the question is who did it and why?

If you get hung up on the whole "MIB" don't
It is just a classification for a group of people that had a vested interest in destroying Billy Meier to fulfill there own agenda

Be the detective

Mallow has to be a prank!

Steve Zalewski

Skilled Investigator
October 8, 2014

Mr. Mallow's comments about my thinking that I'm an important person because I knew someone, and that my argument is correct because I say so is totally foolish. I use critical thinking skills in my research, which Mallow, Meier, and other cultists DON'T use. My standards are extremely high and while I did take notice of his "proximity genius" comment, I suggest that Mallow read about how cultists and crackpots have damaged SERIOUS, SCIENTIFIC, UFO research.

Mr. Mallow has been repeatly notified by serious UFO researchers that the Meier case IS A HOAX. Mr. Mallow has "danced around" many of the issues raised by serious UFO researchers (including my criticisms) and he either has ignored nearly all of the criticisms, or he has made totally asinine comments which are total nonsense. As an example the photo with brass bolts, a cake platter, chrome ornaments with one cut in half, a trash can lid with the handle clearly visible, which he claims was a spaceship. He has refused to answer even serious questions about how this case was hoaxed by Meier and his followers.

We will not be able to move the scientific study of UFOs forward until ALL of the cultist goofballs, like Greer, Meier, Mallow, Adamski cultists, and many of the other screwballs who have damaged this subject are completely exposed, and if Mr. Mallow is so convinced that his claims are valid, he will need to show hard data and evidence to back up his claims. Perhaps, Mr. Mallow should completely clean up HIS act before blasting serious researchers for their commentaries, and I did speak at Cornell and the Meier case is the most childish, idiotic, and outright foolish case that currently is being promoted. This case, gets a grade of F because of all the nonsense it contains and because Mr. Mallow's non stop promotion of this hoax causes further confusion, to the public, and makes it even more difficult for me to stop laughing at this silly, idiotic, childish and dumb case.

Steve Zalewski
Syracuse, NY
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Skilled Investigator
Great Guns! Mallow you've convinced me! I'm going to open my own division of FIGU and call it FUGNUTS!

Stagger Lee

Paranormal Adept
Mallow is ye known as Horn. Not since "Disected Stalker" have we seen someone so dedicated to one particular thread.

Nathanael Mallow

Skilled Investigator
Yep. Batshit crazy.
Why would using critical thinking be "Batshit crazy?"
Is that what thinking means to you?
Detectives are "Batshit crazy"?

Steve Zalewski
You are kidding right? I suppose using the word "SERIOUS" means something.
Didn't I just get through answering questions put forth by @vesvehighfolk
I didn't dance around them.
I answered them in a way that puts your logic (understanding of the laws of cause and effect) into question.
In so far as you can now see where you might be wrong.

All I want for all of you here is growth.
That is my motivation.

Irregardless of Meier's case

Not since "Disected Stalker" have we seen someone so dedicated to one particular thread.
Says the birdie to the flock.

... one more thing
You might want to get off Horn
Unless of course that is your thing and
You like staying on Horn

Hell, I wont judge to each their own. :D

Nathanael Mallow

Skilled Investigator
I thought "troll" was short for "trolling" fishing?
And not some mythical creature that lives under a bridge.

*al *orff loves to claim he does "critical thinking" too. All you clowns deserve one another.
Claiming or demonstrating?
One line quips all the way through this blog demonstrates to everyone your level of critical thought.

"Kal Korff loves to use the internet too. All you jesters deserve one another."

Doesn't the statement above just scream logical fallacy?



Mallow do you REALLY believe this Meier crap? Seriously? It's none of my business I guess but I have to ask, are you mentally challenged/disabled in anyway? This is a serious question.


Skilled Investigator
Like ALL Meier/Horn debates eventually do, Mallow's comments have caused this thread to degenerate to the point of uselessness. On the basis of the stereotypical thinly veiled homophobic insults he has used above I would suggest to Gene and Chris a ban is in order.

Kill the virus before it spreads.


Paranormal Novice
If the MIB's had anything to do with this i'm sure by now they've accomplished exactly what they set out to do which was to discredit the entire story. By making a joke out of it they have set the field back years. If there's an ounce of truth somewhere in the story it will always be discredited due to the rest of the story. Pretty simple really,


Paranormal Adept
There has been almost no end to the attempted debunking of the photos of the so-called Wedding Cake UFO (WCUFO) by what, frankly, can only be called inept, illogical skeptics. Now I’m not being harsh on people just because they are critical of the case or the evidence. I am being harsh on those people to whom much evidence has been given, and of whom many important questions were asked, who have absolutely failed to do their homework – but nonetheless continue to make completely unsubstantiated attacks on Meier as a hoaxer.

Hopefully, some common sense and clear thinking will now prevail so that people will focus on the really important content of the Meier case. The Meier case is about our future survival. And people, especially in the U.S., need to see through the efforts of debunkers and skeptics who want to maintain the status quo of blissful ignorance, if we are to have a chance of waking up in time to what is otherwise coming our way.

Mr. mallow? NOPE Michel Horn.. If he is not Mr. Horn he copy's him well
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