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The 1980 Cash-Landrum sighting and investigation

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Thanks, Boomerang. We're due to record early next week. Broadcast date TBA. I'll let you know.

In other news, one of my recent file releases contained a rare and true gem that is worth spotlighting.
Dr. Allen J. Hynek's protege, Allan Hendry was contracted to investigate the helicopters in the C-L case.
Hendry went above and beyond, interviewing the witnesses, too. He uncovered some interesting details found nowhere else.

More background, and link to the Hendry report here:
Blue Blurry Lines: Report on the Cash/Landrum New Caney CEII Case by Allan Hendry
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Colby Landrum is recording a live show on Dec. 4 8pm EST with
Podcast UFO that will be streamed via Art Bell's Dark Matter Network.
… an extremely rare interview with Cash-Landrum UFO Incident witness Colby Landrum. Researchers Chris Lambright and Curtis Collins will be joining Martin for this extraordinary episode. It very well may be the only opportunity listeners have to hear Colby Landrum speak about the famous 1980 Texas UFO encounter which left the participants with strange symptoms consistent with radiation exposure.
PurrlGurrl hasn't posted here lately, but when Paul Kimball put a link on Facebook to the new Colby Landrum interview, she shared her thoughts there:
"Purrl Gurrl: Listening to Landrum, it's clear he still carries a great deal of emotion about the incident (PTSD was suggested by an interviewer, and he agreed). Just the depth of feeling that comes across underscores for me this was a real event, although I suspect what happened to the three witnesses afterwards was probably even more traumatic than the event itself. What's impressive is that Landrum absolutely believes they witnessed an experimental craft being tested (he notes the helicopters seen were escorting the craft not hunting or chasing it), and will not allow himself to be manipulated or badgered into suggesting it was something extraterrestrial. Kudos to him for doing so."

After the show, I exchanged emails with Colby and he's agreed to work together in trying to get some answers. This is a tough issue for him, so this will have to be done with tiny, cautious steps.