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Stanton Friedman to research Billy Meier??

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Can't start a new thread just for this, so posting here.

This is by far one of the most shameful frauds exposed in ufology, but "just an another one" in the Billy Meier case:
As a Man Stealeth: Billy Meier and his stolen spiritual teachings « Billy Meier UFO Research

Meier was shown to have ripped off James Allen's AS A MAN THINKETH (1903) book and published as his own book in 1998 (german) and 2012 (bilingual english-german edition).
What's scary is the amount of fools that think Meier & his beamships are the real deal.
True. After this expose, some extreme Meierites/Billyvers are trying to rationalize the findings by saying to themselves that Meier may have accessed the "Akashic Records" of James Allen. :D
True. After this expose, some extreme Meierites/Billyvers are trying to rationalize the findings by saying to themselves that Meier may have accessed the "Akashic Records" of James Allen. :D

If I were them, I would argue that since Billy travelled back in time, he left traces of his akashic records that Allen picked up on. So really, Allen was copying Billy, however subconscious it may have been done.

It's too hard to use the usual excuses (like the pictures of Asket or the Dino) that the original material has been stolen and falsified by the Men in Black. But I suppose you could think that the Pleiadians are putting out misleading information and made Billy do it.
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Here is the comment by Michael Horn on his blog:

February 4, 2016 at 5:17 pm

Certainly people are free to do that. They can also compare the texts to see if what Meier has written has broadened and expanded upon it.

This explanation is from Christian Frehner of FIGU:

“Since the spiritual teaching, i.e. the Teaching of the Prophets, does exist in the universe for milliard/billion of years and has been taught to millions and millions of people on many worlds, especially to the 52 million or so people of the mission here on Earth, whose spirit-forms are of an extraterrestrial origin, it is possible that at least a few of those personalities with a more advanced spirit-form can unconsciously draw impulses from their storage banks, i.e. knowledge stored in that energy block. There are other possibilities, like tapping into the universal storage banks, etc., because all human beings, all life-forms and everything else, down to each atom and below, is connected with each other and is constantly exchanging information on a sub-atomar level.

Regarding an explanation concerning James Allen: Any detailed information by Billy or Ptaah would be no proof for people like Mahesh, etc., because to them this would be an unprovable claim etc. etc. Just as they would not accept the word of Billy (‘I never heard of James Allen before nor did I read his book’) to be true as from a man of honour, they would not accept Ptaah’s explanation.

Well, perhaps Billy will talk with Ptaah. Anyway, we’ll see.”

I think that Billy and FIGU should have definitely provided that information with any of the texts, books, etc., to which it applies. Perhaps something like this would have helped:

“Sourced by Billy Meier from the storage banks and may also contain content expressed by various individuals throughout history with changes, corrections, additions, etc., by Billy Meier.”

Of course this also may not satisfy people, understandably since the entire Meier case itself is actually well outside of our conventional paradigm. And each person must decide for themselves what rings true for them, pertaining to every element of the Meier case, its evidence and information. That is consistent with the core principle of self-responsibility in the spiritual teaching, which certainly has nothing in common with our religions, belief systems, cultic mindsets and their twin sister, i.e. politics."
The statement is misleading because Meier's claims have been thoroughly examined. His fake predictions (made after the events occurred mostly) and his fake photos have been exposed. If people want to hear him directly, with a little translation help from Bob Zanotti, we've posted an old interview with Meier that's available for Paracast+ subscribers.

So if you want to sign up:

But as I said, there is no reason whatever to dwell on Meier otherwise. We have bigger fish to fry, like the truth about UFOs.