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Sonic Attacks


Paranormal Adept
Which reminds me of a story i once heard that has all the hallmarks of an urban myth.

But a railway engineer once swore it was true. That a diesel locomotive engine once had its engine in need of a tune up, it had gotten to the point where the subsonic noise being emitted by it had by chance hit the brown note frequency.

It went through a crowded train station one morning and caused quite a mess.........


Paranormal Adept
Ultrasound in public places could be triggering sickness, headaches and pain | Daily Mail Online

The inaudible ultrasonic hum of electrical appliances all around us (fridges in a supermarket for example) could be having a previously unrecognised impact on our health. Researchers measured the background noise in a range of locations where people have complained of symptoms typical of ultrasound sickness

Southampton University researchers say that modern technology means that growing numbers of us are surrounded by ultrasound pollution in our everyday lives.
Scientists say that a boom in public announcement systems, loudspeakers and automatic doors may be spawning an epidemic of ultrasonic sickness.

Even electronic devices designed to scare away mice and cats could be triggering symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and tiredness, stomach pain, headaches and headaches.