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Shag Harbour UFO Incident - Cousteaus to Undertake Dive to Investigate

Creepy Green Light

Paranormal Adept
Regarding Shag Harbour; I get the same feeling I get when I see a program on TV where a new scientific crew is going to dive into the depths of Loch Ness to see what they can find.......yawn. When I like 4,5,6,7,8 years old - I would have gotten excited for a program like that. Now that I'm an adult, I already know that they aren't going to find anything. None of these TV shows ever SOLVE the problem/issue. Take Monster Quest. If you were watching it for the first time, you might get the impression that they are going to do an investigation and either capture the creature or get solid photographic/video evidence. That never, ever happens. The viewer will be just as clueless at the beginning of the show as when the show ends. Same with Shag Harbor. Nothing astonishing is going to come out of the conference/event. People will leave with just as many questions as when they arrived and nothing will be solved.


Paranormal Adept
The time elapsed alone means that any evidence left of any form in such an environment will likely be long gone.
If you mean by natural decomposition or degrading I don't think we can assume that. Researchers have found many old shipwrecks, or remains of them. In fact so many are known from the Roman period that diminished numbers of shipwrecks after the second century have been cited as evidence for economic decline.
Not that I'm expecting them to find a saucer wreck. :)