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Drones, Ball lightning or UAPs ? During the Korean War a eyewitness on a allied (Cold War/ Hot ) sub had a number of encounteres with unkowns UAPs. Also during the Vietnam War which the officer recorded the incidents and were sent on to a collecting station. The collecting station had hundreds of sighting and database of different types these were log and files stored in fire proof safe.

This person was able to talk and record interviews which were kept in HQ and these will be released. Don , has meet this person and he has been to a number of UFO conferences in the past. He also traveled to many locations and there is a specialist group that deals with ongoing events which is above top secret and even the top brass no they are real.

During , the 1990s there was a meeting about the increasing threat towards naval and aircraft from hostile activity of UAPs in London and another in 2005 about the increasing urgency which had members from all allied states in how to deal with the threat. We are not alone and more are coming.

As mentioned before during a shooting trip with a couple of mates we came across a flattened area of large circle in the middle was a squashed emu on a raised bed. The whole area was burnt top of the trees to the floor where the sand had turned to black crystal . All around the outside was big cat footprints not fours rather two's. No sounds of animals were around this area until we left and only a large number of crows .
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The article ( linked to above ) starts off really good saying that the soul is: "the mental abilities of a living being to reason, feel, think, etc." But from there it starts to become rather fuzzy. This is typical of most of the rhetoric I've encountered pertaining to souls, spirits, and spirituality in general. The descent begins when the worldview ( belief system ) of the questioner supersedes their reasoning.

In this case the idea of souls is intimately connected to the concept of reincarnation, which is a whole separate problem. Suffice it to say that once the questioner accepts the idea that the soul is a thing that equals you as a person, that can be isolated from the body and relocated, the questioner has gone off the rails. To explain exactly why would take too much time for a single post, but I can point you in a direction that may help.

When looking at the problem objectively, I have not been able to distinguish the difference between a soul and a person's psychology, in particular their personality. In fact, in all examples that make any sense, the two are virtually interchangeable. We can say, "Sasysquatchgirl is a kind soul" or we can say, "Sasysquatchgirll has a kind personality". All that the word "soul" does is add an air of mysticism to the subject.

Therefore, while interesting on a cultural level, the word "soul" is of no relevance to the core issues, which are what constitutes personhood, and is it separable from our material body? All evidence that makes sense suggests that the answer is "No". A lot of people don't like that answer. They simply ignore it in favor of their existing worldview or belief system. If you're one of those people, this discussion will never go any further.

If on the other hand, you want to go beyond this point, then you are to be congratulated. I certainly don't have all the answers, but looking in my rear view mirror, questions about souls and reincarnation have long since faded into the distance. Unfortunately, it's also been my experience that most people choose to cover that distance on their own rather than taking advantage of the insights and experiences of others..
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(Thinking of An Appropriate Comment_Just put that here for you to read_or anyone)

edward leedkslnin germany prostitue1.jpg

This is Edward Leedskalnin (the man the jews could not kill "the man they could not hang" or coral castle, and the girl he wanted to marry, he told many people about, they are at a young age.
(we don't have biological fathers, that doesn't mean we have male brea**s)

Vril Society.jpg

She was his first wife, the other wives couldn't really "connect" without her...............ufo's deal with this earth's chakra network, we don't need to use that ............... spaceships deal with god's propensity to do that, like Jupiter (previous second sun) is a network god seldom uses that deals with that for the son of man.................god doesn't associate the son of man with that at ACTIVATION, with this earth anymore, in a set season, in answering man's suicide for pleasure problem with his testimony, that is where this language of space craft comes into play.

(she is doing fine, she is okay, don't worry to much about her.................my specific power or ability god lends me or gives me or both, to resurrect the dead or for "wives" purposes is what limits my ability to speak on the subject for basic humanity, in dealing with this cesspool of dead corpses, you know what I mean those genetic lines and people that are their slaves)

(you should be onboard less than a month to, less than a few days after I am activated, that should take place at the end of this month around the solstice of december) (don't worry that is garden variety trash, some people love me, die for me, are maimed or killed just for me..........others, are latched onto my testimony, weather they know it or not, and there is clear evidence of that)

(crew size//family size) (one male, and close to one or two dozen, about that women only) (not for public display, not a business, not a corporation, but as a family unit, with one man as the head of that family) (like that)

(have a register of information, regarding god's clause in dealing with man with dead flesh, that is to get then rollings or so, so may not have any contact for years, outside of family, or in limited instances, like that)

(the space ship is a distraction could be a substitute for a sign of divorce (second light source rainbow, unified field) that results from genocides, dead flesh removal only, so can the family ............. that means, not to undermine god, interactivity is limited ............... there are other mercies like offworld and perhaps mars or and mars that apart of man's bridging, to see if that behavior reacts to this earth's chakra network, in sight or or, with/without, genocides and etc)

(I only intended for you to read this................are you detecting my spacecraft, or my first wive, i don't know, but don't worry..............my assessment is wrong or invalid with a few individual's I will have the means to look iinto the matter, hopefully without involving any local authorities or other people in this earth directly) (I am the authority, I am the law...............right now still have flesh and blood relationship, with this body that will be done away with and limited understanding that will be done away with also, don't need to be a rich person or etc, thats not apart of any thing that would interest you, so I am unimportant yet, but there is a time and a season, to give god sacrifices only, or to be graceful with god)

(thanks for understanding....................long time no reply, sometimes these issues never recieve replies) (you what the usa does to me in its pleausre and those unclean genetic lines, they are for burial only)


Okay maybe the photo was taken of Edward Leedskalnin near his final goodbye near his death, that is not the point.
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(The Penetration Factor - Want to know about Big Foot - Just Speaking to You - Or Anyone Else)

Nguyen Van Lem did not want to touch a women from asia, he viewed them as unclean (a good number of people are). I can understand why, technically they are unclean, for cascading arguments that are easy to understand, if i choose to voice them, but I'm not vocalizing anything openly. Will talk to you in private about it only, or to a few other people only. Unless you really want me to say something openly that could cause a lot of unnecessary pain for a lot of people then maybe I would, but isn't that murder?

1. (cabul strength) God Judged the Generations with Sin, they were faithful, and for the ones god choose to serve as sons of man, he has blessed them with his mercy, which may or may not be used. Most cases is not used (this is your Gorilla) (speaking)
2. (women strength) God gives the son of man, perhaps a few other individuals (for number 1 and 2), blessings for touching a women, like the UFO, or other things. its really not worth it because, these activities are like paying for sin of unclean and wicked people, that are better off dead.
3. (ensign of nation strength-according to isaiah) God gives the son of man a space ship, and other things, as apart of his plan as a reminder of god's mercies in the struggle of "dead flesh" man has in its pleasure and suicide, in its natural state, a call to be faithful
Gorilla photo taken in 1967....Billy Meier in 1967 principally..."nasa tower and shard in 1967" principally .................... that was all Nguyen Van Lem, before his death, in 1968 ............. otherwise he didn't do anything else ..................... now when you come to the 9/11/2001 Falling Man Moses, you have global suicide, global migrant crisis, global crisis for all of those genetic lines with suicide in every country in the world.

And that gives god the glory, and apart of that exposing of the wicked results, from god's angels taking the place of any opportunity or ability to use whatever mercy god has placed on the table.

One Season for Sacrifice, and One Season to be Graceful with God......................a wife, or wives don't have much value in interaction, but they still have value in interaciton. Just not primary in impacting this chakra network or earth, with the son of man.

(you gave me permission, to say something nice about you, to talk to you, I only just decided to act on it .... oooooooooookay, please don't think bad about me, and you can just ignore me............won't know about activation until end of month, is finished (even if I know more or less, I prefer that statement) (God's not forcing me to take a wife or wives or to analyze the argument, its changing gears out of love, sacrifice for god out of love, being graceful with god out of love)

(God allows some special functions to help me have a family because you know how sick and cruel those genetic lines, are with me, with the people that have or had cared about me, then i'll take advantage of that. Look into a few things also. This isn't something that is ongoing, a man taking to his family or setting things up, this is something that happens rather quickly and is resolved, this earth these people don't associate with me that way, nor will they, thats apart of the reason, energy dispensation with god, and god with man in their conflict of interest, and me perhaps in an unclean way substituting that, is also in view an a primary reason, not me personally, but a factor)

EDIT (you can just ignore all this, said want i wanted so its okay)

(wouldn't entertain the idea of promoting inhumanity like those unclean people........would say anything on the subject unless I was sure I was going to die (i mean activation not really death), and I was sure I wasn't causing anyone significant pain but approaching the subject...........this is a significant issue for god, in getting rid of those unclean genetic lines.........would make someone suffer unnecessarily..............nope.............I don't want to interfere with the system of angels that is initiated until it is no longer effective, that means to live and die like a normal man, that means, I don't really know when I will be activated, except this year by solstice holiday season is very likely so like that) (have to wait)

EDIT - Theology

The wife taking examples, I don't believe it was necessarily abuse, or a kind of rape.

Their behavior was profitable in their day, because, they ignored or saw no value in certain other positions, so it became a case of, using a women to illustrate a "refunding of principals not expounded". This is the information age, and whatever impact they achieved, is probably still valid today, so that kind of behavior...................I may not find valuable or entertaining or etc.

I do understand the "wife argument", need proper assessment of god's mercies and my abilities before this issue can be properly addressed..................I care enough to discuss these issues, but may not act on them specifically. (the end of this year is a pivotal moment, it wipes out, eliminates a number of clauses, like once again, almost cyclically in eliminating prophecies, too early to say everything is concluded).

(and for 42 more years, that is nearly double my current life span, will do nothing more then the daily routine until humanity passes away)
(you can nothing good or bad to me that will impact my decision to react, because, the significant amount of variable that will need addresses before an action is carried out, is vastly different from now and then....................but if you wanted to say something to me good or bad, just say so. Or say nothing. thanks a bunch again, bye)
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(Just Speaking to You or to Anyone Else) (two comets are inbound, but only on Solstice (death/teleportation/etc)..............gameplan...............have full crew (wives) on board on or before christmas)


(I wasn't Planning, on having, any asian wives .................. was originally planning no not exercising this argument, then may all blond hair and blue eyes .................... but you have a love for me, your concerned about me, and may not know who I am ..................... or its nothing personal, sometimes you talk with someone and read their heart, but the arguments have no value at the time)

(Wanted to say.................only planned to have one primary wife at most, but may have up to 5, don't know, not that it means anything, just not voicing certain arguments openly..............all besides the point...................is there love in that family, my family, thats more important) (will have to go by people that interested me in that capacity, recently, to whenever, then by people interested in me in that capacity, to recently or whenever then will view, people behaving like that in activities....................may spend more time with one particular women or, others may want to have more time with me.............so will have time to be together, something like that)

(What I will like to see? Well.............family time once or twice a month all get together.............talk or have party or both..............everything is clean.................no one's gona bother you are touch you, we'll have a schedule for "love", and "so many requests" allowed per month not involving me...............then as the husband, so many that involve me.................may not allow casual touching outside of "love scheduling", or maybe will, but not so much so limit on that...................you can be old or young, boy or girl, in "love scheduling"............... not obligated to do any of that most of that is all choice .................. also .................... you can do what you want when you want, no limit only on certain things or special activities, or if anything involves earth, so like that ...................... as the husband, need to have baby with me first, then, if you want to be a boy or girl, and have a baby with one of the other wives, then i'll allow that later on or like that ........................ will dump babies on earth eventually, reason being, really enjoy how things will be setup)

(you don't need to worry about those genetic lines have no place with me................i can remove memories, help anyone function in the environment, this is a commitment ................. never have to worry about anything, maybe only the fun of entertainment and love)

(I disturbed someone's rest, like with you, that is a big issue for me .......................... i told you, i will die by end of month, then we'll begin to move forwards ................... overtime people may know more about our family or maybe not) (if you don't want to use the bathroom, shower, or eat food, you don't have to, if you want to say alone, want no one to bother you, then I will do that for you, but I will still love you, touch you) (love schedule..........not like rape or anything) (some people are more spiritual, some people less, some people need, attention in a specific way for maximum love) (then some women only want to be with me all the time, thats okay too)

(God has only one Son of Man in view, but God gives other individuals propensities, and they often mirror elements of the son of man, in or out of season, so it seems like, just crazy or the real mccoy, but, in relation to halley's comet, only one son of man, that is the new testament pattern) (I say primary wife to mean, the women wants a lot of time with me, nearly all the time) (which is perfectly okay, in truth and in absense of better explanation) (but will also say, you can digest normally, shower with water or etc., if you want or/and, you have a family that will be there for you, all the time, if you want)

(you can have fun on earth, but maybe not frequently maybe not outside of corporately, should be able to create elements out of thin air, so its not like anyone will not give me whatever I want, all the money or resources or property I want, if I want any thing at all or not)
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