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Drones, Ball lightning or UAPs ? During the Korean War a eyewitness on a allied (Cold War/ Hot ) sub had a number of encounteres with unkowns UAPs. Also during the Vietnam War which the officer recorded the incidents and were sent on to a collecting station. The collecting station had hundreds of sighting and database of different types these were log and files stored in fire proof safe.

This person was able to talk and record interviews which were kept in HQ and these will be released. Don , has meet this person and he has been to a number of UFO conferences in the past. He also traveled to many locations and there is a specialist group that deals with ongoing events which is above top secret and even the top brass no they are real.

During , the 1990s there was a meeting about the increasing threat towards naval and aircraft from hostile activity of UAPs in London and another in 2005 about the increasing urgency which had members from all allied states in how to deal with the threat. We are not alone and more are coming.

As mentioned before during a shooting trip with a couple of mates we came across a flattened area of large circle in the middle was a squashed emu on a raised bed. The whole area was burnt top of the trees to the floor where the sand had turned to black crystal . All around the outside was big cat footprints not fours rather two's. No sounds of animals were around this area until we left and only a large number of crows .
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J. Randall Murphy
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The article ( linked to above ) starts off really good saying that the soul is: "the mental abilities of a living being to reason, feel, think, etc." But from there it starts to become rather fuzzy. This is typical of most of the rhetoric I've encountered pertaining to souls, spirits, and spirituality in general. The descent begins when the worldview ( belief system ) of the questioner supersedes their reasoning.

In this case the idea of souls is intimately connected to the concept of reincarnation, which is a whole separate problem. Suffice it to say that once the questioner accepts the idea that the soul is a thing that equals you as a person, that can be isolated from the body and relocated, the questioner has gone off the rails. To explain exactly why would take too much time for a single post, but I can point you in a direction that may help.

When looking at the problem objectively, I have not been able to distinguish the difference between a soul and a person's psychology, in particular their personality. In fact, in all examples that make any sense, the two are virtually interchangeable. We can say, "Sasysquatchgirl is a kind soul" or we can say, "Sasysquatchgirll has a kind personality". All that the word "soul" does is add an air of mysticism to the subject.

Therefore, while interesting on a cultural level, the word "soul" is of no relevance to the core issues, which are what constitutes personhood, and is it separable from our material body? All evidence that makes sense suggests that the answer is "No". A lot of people don't like that answer. They simply ignore it in favor of their existing worldview or belief system. If you're one of those people, this discussion will never go any further.

If on the other hand, you want to go beyond this point, then you are to be congratulated. I certainly don't have all the answers, but looking in my rear view mirror, questions about souls and reincarnation have long since faded into the distance. Unfortunately, it's also been my experience that most people choose to cover that distance on their own rather than taking advantage of the insights and experiences of others..
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Paranormal Maven

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