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Paranormal Novice
I have never really discussed this previously but I have had quite a few episodes where I have been able to view or experience a situation literally prior to it happening, and with great clarity. I went through a stage during my teens where several episodes took place but then the experiences just stopped (some episodes were very strange/disturbing).

However just recently these viewing episodes have reoccurred and they seem to take place over completely mundane situations that have little weight or importance to my overall day to day activities.

Just last week while at work I decided to walk over from my office to have a coffee in our local work cafe/restaurant area. So I purchased my drink and then decided to stroll over to a table, and take a break check up on the news on my iPhone.

As I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket I sort of had a strange sensation like I had been there before, and as I opened my app to read the news articles for some reason I paused and realised I had already read them and new the content. In fact I felt as if I was viewing the situation from another angle or from above and not in my physical myself - like I was seperated (similar to my experiences when I have OBEs). The overall experience can only be described as if I somehow I fast forwarded a few seconds/minutes then instantly rewound and was watching the scene from above.

This situation does not happen often but when it has happened the experience or memory appears to only last a few seconds/minutes with great clarity. As mentioned there is nothing significant about the events that unfold nor do I have the ability to pre-empt a viewing. However perhaps it’s naive in thinking that if one had an ability to view something then it would only be of significant importance, but due to the random and mundane episodes I feel like I’m triggering perhaps a glitch/bug or fault somewhere within my reality.