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Professional Behavior!


Paranormal Adept
Freedom of speech becomes a moot point when there’s nobody listening anymore. This thread is seven months dormant but still pops up amongst the most recently active. Sad to see the once mighty Paracast end up like this. The Paracast has become paranormal podcasting’s Friends Reunited in an age of Instagram and Facebook. Sorry Gene but it’s time to put your server costs towards your living expenses. It’s been a great ride and you really did set the gold standard back in the day. I along with many others was a very happy paid-up subscriber. You’re flogging a dead horse though at this point.
I'm not a subscriber anymore either.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
They're listening. That the forums are quiet is due to a number of reasons that I won't focus on right now., but not to disinterest. Indeed, it appears that forum traffic hasn't actually changed all that much. That's what the stats show.

As to the "Friends Reunited" statement, not sure what you mean.

We've introduced several guests new to the show in recent months, and more is coming.


Paranormal Maven
Friends Reunited was a once-popular website that went the way of the steam traction engine, tin baths and the ZX81 when something better came along.


Paranormal Adept
None of the last few posts in this thread appear in the notifications at the top of my screen.