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Politics & The CIC/Prez

When information such as the following comes out, I continue to wonder how Trump managed to fool people into believing loads and loads of terrible lies. I also wonder when or if he'll ever be arrested on attempted sedition same as some of his followers.:

So helping Ukraine fight a war against an authoritarian criminal who is committing war crimes is giving the "middle finger" to Americans? That's just nuts.
Obama said back in 2011 that the political system in the USA is broken, lamenting “how frustrated folks are with the constant bickering and the unwillingness to compromise, and the desire to score points even if it’s at the expense of our country.” source

Trump and Biden are both a consequence of doing nothing to fix it. I'm not even sure that it can be fixed. When two sides automatically work against each other in any attempt to find a solution — good solutions get deprioritized, demonized, or even censored in favor of the ones that preserve or advance the interests of those in power.

That behavior is systemic across governments and businesses — including the media, where it's no longer about filtering the signal from the noise — just filtering the ideologically acceptable signals from the preferred noise. Anything else is censored or unconstructively attacked.
I'd agree with much of what you wrote, except that Biden is an old school politician who was famous for crafting solutions with both sides as a Senator. In the current environment, just look at what Minority Leader McConnell says and does and you'll see why it's so difficult. Remember, it's McConnell, who, during the Obama administration, literally stole a Supreme Court seat from the Democrats.

In saying that, some bipartisan legislation has been approved, witness the gun bill and infrastructure.
We started The Paracast+ in November of 2014, so there are four years of shows with all the ads, plus the older episodes, before we joined the network, with fewer ads. Thanks for explaining the advantage of our premium subscription feature.
Just trying to catch up. If the Paracast+ has been around that long, is it still hard to get people to sign up? Seems like it would be a no brainer.
It's harder now because people just have so much money for yet another streaming service. We keep pushing the deals with longer-term subscriptions.