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Politics & The CIC/Prez

There are still a few people here who know me well enough to see through your criticism. So just carry on, and I'll try to avoid making you upset.
Randall I don't worry 2 minutes about this guy or his veto power. Fortunately I worked hard and have planned well for the future. I just wonder if he will change his mind when Biden destroys his homeland and his five dollar gas is eight or nine and rent and groceries double. If I didn't have grandkids to worry about, politics wouldn't even be on my radar. I could rebuff some of his replies but he would still be in denial and I'd just be wasting energy. And except for today's program he usually does a great one.
Sorry, Short, you continue to have a few wrong ideas about what's going on.

We already had a President who was trying to destroy the homeland. When he was "fired," from his position by a wide margin, he made fraudulent claims of election fraud that were shown to be false with over 60 failed lawsuits. He incited a violent overthrow of the U.S. government, and that's called sedition. In any other developed country, Trump would be in jail and deserve it.

Biden is far from perfect. Worse, he doesn't have the image of a powerful leader. He's an old man with a thin, reedy voice, who stumbles over his speeches due to a lifelong stuttering problem. But he is no idiot and he is not demented.

Despite factors over which he has little control, such as inflation, he has succeeded in many ways. In addition, he repaired the U.S. reputation abroad. He got a decent infrastructure bill passed, a bill that helped aid suffering families, and lots more. This despite fighting an opposition that had no new ideas except "no."
One more thing, Short. Basically your main complaint, beyond repeating false information, is that you don't like being corrected. Too bad.
Here is some inspiration for the day.

Since we're into discussing lies and real facts:

Since Fox News didn't have the guts to carry, on their main channel, the June 9 prime time hearings on Trump's insurrection attempt against the U.S., here are some key points viewers of that channel might have missed:

A key point about the January 6th affair is that claims of rampant voter fraud were total lies.

In the few cases where it's occurred, most of the offenders are actually Republicans. Please check the following report from a non-partisan fact-checking site:

Two stories everyone need to read.

Don't forget that Trump made a deal with the Saudis to reduce oil supplies and increase prices.

So you don't have to wonder where the price increases began. Obviously the Ukraine conflict is also part of the picture, but still. We have a U.S. President acting against his country's interests by making people pay more for gas? Think about the consequences.
And here's a reality check on the real oil situation around the world and why prices are so high:

Biden isn't great, but Trump was far far worse. As his final act, he actually tried to take over the U.S. illegally:

Some things are difficult now, but would have been far far worse with Biden's ignorant and incompetent predecessor.