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Please Help Us Move Forum to HTTPS!

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
I got a message the other day that they plan to change Chrome to warn about sites that aren't HTTPS, which makes them more secure.

So I'd like a little help to move this forum to HTTPS.

There is no actual step-by-step manual at the XenForo site, just suggestions from forum owners.

Anyone who can assist should contact me directly via a private conversation.


Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
I wanted to clarify a few things.

We already have SSL certificates for all the domains on the server.

This is about making the back-end changes in the forum and the redirects to support HTTPs. Some are a little flaky I gather.

Goggs Mackay

Staff member
Well this is all very above even my level of understanding, never mind skill set. I'm sure if I bothered to learn it all I could make sense but from what I've heard occasionally over the years, anything like this needs an experienced captain to steer the ship around all the rocky pitfalls. Just getting everything up and running on a new smartphone is headache enough....

I'm sure we have the brains amongst our members. Do you even have an idea of how big a task this is likely to be? I can sympathise with anyone capable but maybe unwilling to commit themselves to a helluva lotta work...