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Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
David Biedny said:

Thanks for posting that link again.

That footage you refer to - the stuff the fellow captured outside his house, and that amazing plasma-like orb shot inside of the house - is really stunning. That one particular indoor sequence is right up on front of the camera lens, and it's simply something else. I'll go on record and state it's perhaps the most compelling "orb" footage I've ever seen.

What everyone needs to understand is that most photographic orbs are indeed artifacts of light refraction through a camera lens, and the reason that people often don't see them when they're actually shooting the picture is that they're using typical point-and-shoot cameras. This type of camera does NOT really show what's coming through the lens - unlike a SLR (single lens reflex) camera, which uses a mirror to shoot the through-the-lens light up to a focusing screen and the optical elements that feed the eyepiece.

I highly recommend that entire show, it's full of really strange - and in some cases, creepy - footage and stories.


The guy that took those vids would be a good guest to have on. I'd love to spend some time out there at his home with my cams and recorders. Scientist need to be all on that case. Too bad they aren't.

The disclaimer was a bit odd at the beginning of the documentary. The exact wording of it at least. It states "None can be authenticated". Wonder if that was a way of giving themselves an out if the show itself made up hoaxes. It could mean something else of course, but I'm wary of tv shows. Especially since Abduction at Lake County (or whatever it was called) and Sci-fi channel's hoaxes they do for commercials etc.


Paranormal Novice
Hi David,

On the broadcast with Jason Offutt you referred to the video of bols as occuring in
north Carolina. From your description it sounded like the footage from Black Forest, CO and so it turned out to be. I followed that story as far as I could until Steve Lee stopped communicating about it with people he didn't personally know. I have never
seen other footage to match this. The effect that gives these videos their particularly
haunting characteristics is the lag (ghost) effect in the video capture technology of the time.

The media lab at MIT used that feature in a pronounced way to create novel artistic effects. In the Black Forest case it can help give some idea of how fast these objects or plasma clouds move. Note that the plasmas are not all rounded though they usually give that impression because they move so fast and the portions of them that emit visible radiant energy tend to be more rounded looking. Had the spectrum range of the video camera been much wider we would have seen an even larger speciman with more unusual shape characteristics. Think Hubble, combined with several of the other radiation sensing instruments we have sent into space shooting the star radiations.
There is no question that unusual things were occuring on the Steve Lee property and that a serious investigation might have captured some very useful data.
Some intimidating things happened to Steve and his family once he went public with
what he had found. He doesn't scare easily, but there were implications that tended to move him toward silence. A friend of mine, who was in personal contact with him a few months after the phenomena there had become public knowledge, told me that Steve had told him that he had seen images (ghost like) of armed soldiers in uniform in the vicinity of his house. I am uncertain at this time as to whether these were something that he had seen only with his eyes and not captured on video or whether he may have actually gotten some video of them and decided it would be unwise to go public with that. There were also some other things that happened with his electricity that he mentioned in a communication with me. It has been a while now so I don't think I have a record of any of that. I did get some copies of copies of the original video footage and it is just as stunning as what you saw in the reproduced footage on the webcopy above.

This kind of intimidation thing is another troubling element that tends to
quickly shut off serious scientific, as opposed to entertainment serving, investigations
of the paranormal. Sometimes the reasons also include really obnoxious behavior on the part of some individuals when they find their reality paradigm confronted with information like this. They would prefer to "shoot the messenger."
As to bols: They are entities. They are technology that can do data gathering. They are like mini-robots that can multi-task whatever is programmed into them. They are like "magic technology" that can interact with human consciousness.
They are natural phenomena that is distinct from, but not necessarily unrelated to ball
lightening....the controling field being a magnetic one rather than an electrostatic one...these are cool plasmas rather than the hot ones that are usually cited as the 4th
or 5th state of matter depending on whether you count solids and liquids in transition
states as a category or regard the Bose-Einstein condensate as yet another state of matter--it has unique characteristics. There is a really big gap in our knowledge about these phenomena so they tend to be "cast out" by orthodox science or hidden in proprietary research in the private sector or secret military research in the government sector. The public is left to wonder and speculate. I tried to gain as much information as I could about plasmas, especially, cool plasmas after seeing the Steve Lee video footage and some absolutely stunning still photos from that same location. There was nothing helpful in the "regular channels." There may be something like that in the carolinas, (brown mountain is one candidate) but I have not seen the evidence yet. The closest thing so far is what is happening in the area that Ted Phillips has under investigaton. Certainly, there are other regions in the world where such things are happening and Hasdalen, Norway may have been one of them. Take a look at some of the footage from each of those areas and make allowance for the fact that the technology capturing the evidence is quite different in each case.

In Hasdalen they were able to capture evidence of "objects on radar"
before any visual formations would appear in that same location. In some cases they didn't ever appear. So it would seem the energy cloud has to develop a certain threshold of intensity before it will radiate in the visible spectrum, but it can still be coherent enough to be detected by microwaves of a certain frequency.

More and more research is beginning to show connections between thought and quantum effects that can escalate or be driven into levels where the effects become observable at the Newtonian scale. Working out from that hypothesis... the next questions are: who or what is the consciousness acting as a causative source and where (if such dimensions are even capable of being grasped by our ability to describe them) are they coming from? If derived from natural resources, what are the elements/precursors that are contributing to the generation of these phenomena?

That kind of research, if done on the basis of today's textbook physics would probably fall into the realms of either geologists or meteorologists and neither of those disciplines tend to fund research on ghosts or alien presences. It may be that the crop circle phenomena which has become associated with bol influences may present an area where some crossover research will be legitimately accomplished.

On another topic....you have really done an outstanding piece of work with this website, but at this point I have neither the time nor the inclination to take advantage
of all the goodies you have provided here. Still I am impressed and happy to see that
others are making use of it. Keep on keepin' on with the Paracast and your efforts to
separate: signal from noise. Just keep in mind that the "noise" also comes from many
less obvious sources than the ones you have targeted so far.


Paranormal Adept
Some people encounter hovering, translucent orbs. Are they connected to the extraterrestrial phenomenon?
Not sure about the "ET" phenomena, but it certainly could be connected to that or an interdimensional phenomena.

I had an experience with a fast moving orb which was between the size of a softball and a basketball. It glowed like an old incandescent lightbulb and moved silently. Not sure what it was, nor what iT wasn't.


Paranormal Adept
Not sure about the "ET" phenomena, but it certainly could be connected to that or an interdimensional phenomena.

I had an experience with a fast moving orb which was between the size of a softball and a basketball. It glowed like an old incandescent lightbulb and moved silently. Not sure what it was, nor what is wasn't.
I had an encounter when i was a teenager. It was 1993.

Were i saw streaks of red and greens lights they were shaped like a ruler going across the sky. A Blue light came also, but it changed into a ball.

A blue sky developed when this lights flew by, which was pulsateing like it was under going shock. It very hard to describe.The blue light changed back and flew away and the shock which the sky was undergoing just disappeared.

I wote about this when i first joined the forums. Recently MOD( MINISTRY OF DEFENSE in England released documents which contained ufos files relateing to the Irish goverment.The most recent files released. I could not belief it confirmed cases in 1993 and 1996.The 1993 mirrors, somewhat my case. It not very detailed in description and what the eyewitness's saw.I saw four objects and it was summer time. But the date interested me because 1993 was the time of one of my sightings.Here is the link...British Declassify Top Secret Irish UFO Files - UFO Casebook Files


Paranormal Novice
Hello around November 2009 my boyfriend at the time and I was sleep. It must had been around 1 or 2am in the morning. I remember dreaming of and old friend that had passed away and he was standing in the sunshine smiling. As I focused on who it was that was in the sunlight in my dream I suddenly opened my eyes from my sleep. When I opened my eyes there was a glowing orb the size of a baseball floating by my closet maybe about 3 feet from where I was laying. This orb or glowing sphere was just floating there. I was not afraid but I am not sure why I did not wake my ex-boyfriend. I just laid there and watched it. As I was looking at it I noticed it had symbols on it. I am not sure what type of symbols but it was symbols on it. It made NO noise. It must have floated there for about 2 - 5 minutes and then it started drifting by real slow and again I heard NO noise. It was actually kinda of peaceful. Anyway, I watched it as it drifted in to the wall. It had a little trouble at first going through the wall but it got through. I got up out the bed and went to the wall it went through and I am not sure why I did this BUT--------I touched that section of the wall to see if it was hot. Or wanted to see if my hand could go through the section where the orb went through. I got back in bed and laid there for awhile thinking about what could that had been. I told the ex-boyfriend the next day and he said " why did you not wake me?" To this day I am not sure why I did not wake him. Anyway, right after this I started google-ing this experience trying to see has anybody had this experience and I could never find anything until now-----However I did run across some reading that Joseph Smith, the man who started the Mormans Church, saw a orb. No I am not Morman. But I thought it was interesting and at the time in 2009 that was the only thing I found on this strange object that was in my room that night.

Funny, I never saw it again but every night I look for it.........

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
I've never heard of orbs being associated with UFOs before, everytime I've heard of them or seen them it's been related to spiritual phenomena, either ghosts (primarily) or (supposedly) a possible earthly manifestation of angels. Personally, I can't accept any photographic evidence of orbs because even "genuine" orb photos are virtually indistinguishable from dust or moisture spots.

Video footage of orbs on the other hand is most intruiging.
Glowing orbs, sometimes referred to as Nocturnal Lights NL/CE-1, NL/CE-2 or NL/CE-3 are a type of UFO. Glowing orbs are generally no larger than a few feet across and unlike ball lightning, plasma discharges, or earth lights, sightings of orbs indicate intelligence and control ... see entry here.


Paranormal Novice
I've seen the kind of orbs associated with ghost / spiritual phenomena, almost always they are nothing more than lens flare or out of focus dust particles illuminated with flash. But I've also seen / photographed orbs in the sky in the day, not reflections off of dust or lens flare. They are spherical, appear metallic, and seem to reflect their surroundings. They seem to distort the background also, as if they are bending light around them. I've even seen them captured in Google Earth satellite photos, and there also they seem to distort the background.